Center for Behavioral Oncology Training and Education

The faculty at the Center for Behavioral Oncology is passionate about training and educating patients, students, providers, and community members. Some of our many training initiatives are outlined below:

National Cancer Institute R25E training programs

  1. Training Providers in CBT Plus Hypnosis - An Evidence-Based Fatigue Intervention – Grant 5R25CA193098 – PI: Dr. Guy H. Montgomery. For more information or to apply, please visit and click “Apply Now,” or contact us at 212-659-8937 or
  2. Training in Evidence-Based Interventions for Cancer-Related Distress – Grant 5R25CA190186 – PI: Dr. William H. Redd. For more information or to apply please contact us at or contact Judy Hayes at

National Cancer Institute T32

Training Program in Cancer Prevention and Control for Priority Populations – Grant T32CA225617 – PIs: Drs. Guy H. Montgomery, Juan P. Wisnivesky, Paolo Boffetta.

Psycho-Oncology Externship Program

Dr. Marilia G. Neves coordinates the CBO’s Psycho-Oncology Externship program. The externship accepts two advanced doctoral students per year, and externs will have the opportunity to conduct assessments, psychotherapy (individual, couples, family), and workshops with individuals with breast cancer and their families, and to participate in multidisciplinary team meetings. The externship runs from July to June, and is 16 hours per week. For more information about the externship program, please contact Dr. Neves at

Mount Sinai’s Office of Postdoctoral Affairs

Dr. Guy H. Montgomery is also the Faculty Director of Mount Sinai’s Office of Postdoctoral Affairs is part of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (ISMMS). Established in 2000, the office functions to support postdoctoral investigators, fellows, faculty, and administrators. We also serve as an advocate for all postdoctoral fellows, working to create a sense of family while they are here at ISMMS. For more information about the office, please visit

Center for Radiation Therapy Education at Stony Brook University

Dr. Julie B. Schnur is a psychosocial faculty member at the Center for Radiation Therapy Education. In this role, she provides psychosocial lectures and training for Mount Sinai’s radiation therapy students. Topics covered include communication skills, empathy, and stress management.