Education Tracks

As a resident at Mount Sinai Beth Israel, you will be fully immersed in a program that teaches you the clinical skills, knowledge and leadership qualities of a twenty-first century physician.

Formal instruction begins each morning with the residents leading bedside teaching and work rounds. Team members review the progress of each patient, incorporating patient management, teaching and discussion of clinical decision-making. Residents and interns regularly present and discuss patients during rounds with the teaching faculty. Discussions range from the bench to the bedside with a focus on clinical reasoning, diagnostic skills and application of the latest evidence to patient care.

Conferences provide another method for teaching and training. But at Mount Sinai Beth Israel we do not believe in a one-way educational experience. Instead, in dynamic, interactive venues, housestaff meet with the chief medical residents, the program directors and the teaching faculty to present and discuss interesting and instructive cases. In a supportive environment senior residents are asked to explain their medical reasoning to justify their decisions with evidence and to consider the costs and risks of care.

Our residency program provides a host of learning opportunities for our trainees including grand rounds, resident grand rounds, specialty conferences to name a few. Read more

For those trainees who plan to go into Internal Medicine or one of it’s subspecialties, we offer a rigorous curriculum that will allow you pursue your chosen career path. Read more

For those students who need one year of medicine training before pursuing other specialties, we offer a thorough grounding in the principles of internal medicine. Read more