Headache Medicine Fellowship at The Mount Sinai Hospital

The Division of Headache and Facial Pain has one of first UCNS-certified headache fellowships. Our one-year fellowship is one of very few in the country that is approved by United Council for Neurological Subspecialties. We have integrated the study and treatment of headache medicine and pain medicine, which is also highly unusual. We have three headache sites, and the fellow rotates to all of these which increases the exposure to a variety of conditions.

We offer comprehensive clinical training in a broad range of headache disorders including secondary headache syndromes, migraine and its multiple subtypes, low pressure headache, tension headache, medication-overuse headache, transgender headaches, and other chronic headache forms, trigeminal autonomic cephalgias, and various facial pain syndromes. When you complete our program, you are board eligible in headache medicine.

As a fellow, you work under Director Lauren Natbony, MD. You also work with faculty from the Departments of Psychiatry, Otolaryngology, Neurosurgery, Neuropsychology, and Facial Pain Dentistry. You explore a variety of services, including intravenous infusions for acute headaches, and you will learn about headaches in children while seeing patients with our attendings.

In addition to providing inpatient, emergency room, and outpatient consultations, you also have the opportunity to train neurology residents, pain medicine fellows, and medical students and to help manage the headache clinic operated by the neurology residents.

Research is also a key component of the fellowship. We anticipate that you will contribute to ongoing research in headache and development of new treatment protocols and participate in clinical trials. You may be able to author and coauthor research articles and to present at conferences.

Our Faculty

Our faculty includes neurologists and anesthesiologists trained in pain management, and faculty from the departments of psychiatry, otolaryngology, neurosurgery, neuropsychology, and facial pain dentistry.

Mark W. Green, MD, FAAN

Rachel Colman, MD (Low Pressure Headaches)

Jihan Grant, MD

Joanna Jen, MD, PhD

Lauren Natbony, MD

Anna Pace, MD (Transgender Headaches)

David Simpson, MD

Charles Stacy, MD

Isha Gupta, MD

Michelle Groves, NP

How to Apply

We select two fellows each year. The fellowship begins on July 1st and we invite you to submit an application starting in November through March one year prior to the starting date. i.e Nov 2018-March 2019, for July 2020 start. We conduct rolling interviews with selected candidates soon after we receive the applications.

To apply, download the application, and submit a copy of your curriculum vitae, three letters of recommendation, and a personal statement to the Program Coordinator and Program Director. 

For additional questions, contact:

Lauren Natbony, MD
Fellowship Director
Assistant Professor, Department of Neurology
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
5 East 98th Street, 7th floor, New York, NY 10029