Nephrology Fellowship Research

Renal fellows participate in a number of clinical research projects including QAPI projects which are presented and published.  At a minimum each fellow is expected to publish an abstract for the American Society of Nephrology national meetings which they attend with direct attending supervision and guidance.  Many of our these abstracts have been selected for poster presentations by the fellows at these meetings.  Clinical reviews and case reports are also published by fellows in peer reviewed journals.  Fellows interested in more extensive clinical or basic science research have access to faculty at the Mount Sinai East campus during their research elective.

Research topics include:

  1. Treatment of hepatitis C:  Eradication of hepatitis C from dialysis units.
  2. Indications for parathyroidectomy in dialysis patients and impact on mortality and morbidity.
  3. Impact of change from injectable vitamin D analogues to oral calcitriol thrice weekly on CKD-MBD in a large cohort of dialysis patients.

Please click here for a partial list of our fellows’ most recent publications and presentations.