Arnhold Institute for Global Health

Chronic Disease Action

The mission of the Arnhold Institute’s Global Chronic Disease Action Center is to facilitate lasting health impact at scale by connecting the next generation of health leaders with prominent stakeholders to:

  • Perform innovative implementation science and catalytic research on how to reach equitable outcomes for vulnerable populations around the globe.
  • Advocate for actionable, evidence-based policy changes at community, district, national, and international levels.
  • Shape demand for global good through social movements and policy insights, actions, and convenings—demonstrating the potential for new interventions and systems-design solutions.

Non-communicable Disease: Policy and Research Action

The Global Chronic Disease Action Center coordinates access to a global network of emerging health leaders who can engage in directed advocacy, social mobilization, and intervention demonstration efforts.

The public’s health in the United States and around the world has shifted in the past half-century. Today, chronic conditions such as cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, cancer, and diabetes are responsible for approximately 70 percent of global deaths. Exacting an even greater toll, 80 percent of all NCDs happen in the world’s poorest communities. The mental and operational models to curb, control, and contain the epidemic are locked into an old paradigm.

The Arnhold Institute’s team of clinicians and policy leaders work with New York City’s largest health system and the nation’s largest health workforce training program to drive a critical shift in service of population health with a focus on the vital importance of having a local and neighborhood context. To reverse the trend of rising chronic disease, it is necessary to attack the root causes of the causes and blend systems engineering, design-thinking, data science, and epidemiology. The goal is to pioneer a shift that can be scaled across populations, health systems, and nations that maximizes outcomes for people living with chronic conditions by scalable, effective interventions and tools to impact care model systems.