Arnhold Institute for Global Health

Designing Models of Care

As the world moves toward universal health care, we see a shift in power and trust to communities, with complex hospital systems taking creative cues from local models.

At the Arnhold Institute for Global Health, we design ways to improve primary health care that link health systems, communities, and patients to find the right model of care. In addition to creating unique models of care, our ideas are designed for scale, ensuring they reach everyone with the health care they need, and deserve.

Creating improved health care means engaging at all levels of care delivery. That includes improving primary care and ensuring it reaches people who do not always have access; researching and testing new models for implementing community health care; and collaborating with patients and communities to design, test, and scale solutions to care for people with multiple chronic conditions, no matter where they live.

Spotlight: Possible in Nepal

The government of Nepal has long-running community health program staffed by female volunteers to support reproductive, maternal, and child health. Our faculty and staff are closely collaborating with a nonprofit called Possible and the Ministry of Health to research and test a new model. We are midway through a threeyear study to understand if an integrated care approach and more professionalized community health work force leads to better population health. The unique system of care delivery includes improving quality of care and teaching at government-owned hospitals, home-based care delivered by professionalized community health workers, and an integrated electronic health record designed to optimize care between hospital and home.

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