Arnhold Institute for Global Health

Health System Design

Health care delivery is in the midst of a paradigm shift from fee-for-service medicine to care that delivers enduring results at reasonable cost—commonly known as value-based care. The mandate of the Health System Design (HSD) team is to transform Mount Sinai Health System practices into high-performing, cost-efficient practices that serve the needs of patients and providers.

Leveraging the resources of the largest health system in New York City, the multidisciplinary HSD team oversees the design, implementation, and delivery of components that help high-performing healthcare systems make the transformation from volume-based to value-based care. The HSD team develops products co-designed with users of the health system and health care practices with the goal of improving patient outcomes and care quality.

Core Principles and Values

HSD is a collaboration between the Arnhold Institute for Global Health and Mount Sinai Health Partners, a clinically integrated network comprised of Mount Sinai’s full-time faculty physicians, associated community physicians, and seven hospitals spanning Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. The team generates care model solutions founded on the following core principles:

HSD has a multidisciplinary team that includes experts in clinical practice in engineering, design, economics, and policy.

HSD team:

Collaborators Across the Mount Sinai Health System:

Product Development

HSD builds and tests products that contribute to practice improvement. These products will not only benefit staff at the practice and system levels, but will also have a major impact on patient experience through the delivery of patient-centered care. For example, the Real-Time Patient Feedback Tool is meant to provide practices with real-time insights into patient experiences.

Tablet with “How was your visit today?” on screen display

These insights then drive the practice’s daily clinical and operational decisions around care delivery.

A sample of the HSD-designed products, include:

  • Real-Time Patient Feedback Tool
  • Digital Transformation Platform
  • Transformation Toolkits
  • Trainings
  • Primary Care success framework

Illustration of operating, acceleration, and clinical models

Practice Transformation for High Need and Primary Care Model Delivery

HSD will deliver care model innovation for two streams of care delivery: primary care and high need patient care.

HSD will design processes to drive transformation in primary care and high-need practices. To do so, HSD spends time at practices that serve as Discovery Sites, which are fully-functioning Mount Sinai primary care practices that are partnered with the HSD team to assist in the research and development of primary care innovative solutions. This engagement offers insights and unique perspectives on the challenges faced by busy, high-demand practices. It ensures any products designed respond to real-world needs. 

Products are intended to facilitate practice improvements and are designed within three focal areas:

  • Staffing support
  • Information visibility
  • Patient experience

Global Engagements

To design optimal care delivery health systems, HSD commits to maintaining current knowledge of national peer practices engaged in transformative work. HSD also builds strong partnerships with international partners delivering care in forward-thinking ways. The team believes best practice insights for healthcare must be gleaned from both global and local examples through partnerships and with international focus. 

Training and Visibility

The HSD team commits to training Mount Sinai Health System medical students, graduate trainees, and medical specialty residents. To do so, HSD partners with the Arnhold Institute Education Team to enhance the medical education curriculum. The HSD team also offers practical on-the-ground experience for interested trainees. It uses a system design approach to transform the healthcare system while ensuring the team is training and equipping the next generation of health leaders to apply these tools in their future careers.

HSD maintains a national presence with attendance and presentations at multiple conferences. In 2016, the team presented on the main stage of the annual Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation Transform conference, with their presentation titled “Tension of Change” (video).