Arnhold Institute for Global Health


At the Arnhold Institute for Global Health, we see technology as a way to empower community health workers with the resources needed to measure and manage community health systems and, ultimately, to save and improve lives. Our multidisciplinary design team works directly with frontline workers to create solutions that not only meet current needs, but also will scale to ensure interventions can grow with communities. Through our partners, we also evaluate how technology can support models of care design.

Spotlight: An ATLAS for the frontline

Technology to improve community health cannot be designed in computer labs in Manhattan. While working to help Guatemala track the Zika virus, we saw a need to improve maternal and child health in rural areas. We developed a software platform that allows community health workers and managers to easily identify the places where people need health care. Our design team worked in Guatemala alongside an NGO called TulaSalud to understand their needs and work flows and engage them to test and refine the approach. Existing health and other local data is fed into the platform, and a digital map lets frontline workers visualize in near real-time where they need to pay attention and allocate services.

Our Partners