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Training & Workforce

To evolve our systems of care, we must take steps we can work with on a daily basis. At the Arnhold Institute for Global Health, we aim to build our approach to training global health change agents into a curriculum that can be shared with our partners and made available to all global health workers.

Our training and workforce program helps students and health professionals learn the skills they need to strengthen health systems for communities. We do that by educating and empowering students through organizing workshops and guest speakers on topics not available in a typical medical curriculum. Students and professionals are also empowered with experiential learning through arranged opportunities to conduct hands-on research in communities. We manage a learning network that equips primary care health professionals with the knowledge and relationships needed to sustain transformation in primary care.

Spotlight: What it takes to be a change agent

A global health change agent can be anyone who wants to implement an initiative to spark change in a system that can improve people’s health. Achieving success requires skills, knowledge, and mindsets that go well beyond medical training. We reviewed the fields of global health, change management, and structural competency and came up with a list of 26 competencies that fall into three categories: self, interpersonal, and systemic. Examples of each include: Self – Ethics, leadership, and flexibility. Interpersonal – communications, decision-making, and diplomacy. Systemic – Advocacy, policy analysis, and systems design. We believe these competencies drive strength across a variety of contexts, cultures, systems, and roles.

Our Partners

The Arnhold Institute for Global Health provides awards for first-year medical students to participate in a summer research project. These summer experiences entail eight to 10 weeks of field work during which students collaborate with a local organization to complete a scholarly project. Program participants are matched with a research mentor at Mount Sinai and work over the winter and spring to design their research in collaboration with their mentor and local organization contacts. Students undertaking global health summer projects receive funding for travel, accommodations and project-related expenses.

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Nurse taking blood pressure of a local man in an outside setting

The Arnhold Institute for Global Health envisions a future where every individual has the same opportunity for health in every community across the globe. Yet, people remain plagued by dysfunctional and inequitable health systems in all corners of the world. Global health change agents are needed to undertake purposeful, transformative action that contributes to an equitable, healthy future. The Big Ideas in Global Health Speaker Series is a monthly series that highlights individuals who model such actions through their careers, shedding light on essential lessons for Mount Sinai trainees, staff, faculty and friends who seek to achieve global health impact.

Global Health trainees


The Arnhold Institute for Global Health engages Mount Sinai trainees in transformative learning programs that equip them with competencies needed for a career as global health change agents. These programs also prepare trainees for global health immersion experiences, project implementation and leadership in global health.