Mission and Global Reach

Our mission at the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery is twofold: we want patients to live better, and we want them to live longer. This philosophy informs everything that we do, ensuring a patient-centered approach that treats each person as an individual requiring specialized and devoted care. As a result of continually growing our expertise, we maintain the highest of standards for short-term and long-term surgical outcomes. We also strive to be a benchmark for health systems worldwide in patient experience, patient satisfaction, and overall quality of care.

Our diverse and distinguished faculty has received medical training from all over the world, and those international connections continue to grow stronger. Through Dr. Adams’ Mitral Foundation, we have created the world’s largest library of high-definition operative videos, allowing surgeons, students, and interested parties to have access to our methods, teaching, and expertise.

We also organize workshops and symposiums in coordination with the leading cardiovascular associations. Dr. Adams is the Program Director and creator of the biennial American Association for Thoracic Surgery’s (AATS) Mitral Conclave in New York City, the largest focused meeting on mitral valve disease in the world. He created the Mitral Conclave as a place where ideas, knowledge, and technology can be exchanged for the benefit of doctors and patients worldwide.

Our specialists also travel to other countries on occasion to perform cardiac procedures and provide state-of-the-art training to surgeons in those locations. We consider global education to be a big part of our identity, and in order to make an impact in health care, we aim to touch many lives along the way.