Pioneering, multidisciplinary, and collaborative. The Cardiovascular Research Institute (CVRI) at Mount Sinai, under the auspices of Mount Sinai Heart, is committed to elucidating the workings of the heart and blood in the broader physiological context.

The cardiovascular system is part of an intricate network that involves many tissue, cellular, and molecular processes. The immune, endocrine, metabolic, and hematopoietic systems, just to name a few—all play a role in our cardiovascular health. Understanding the mechanisms of inter-system communication is key to innovation in fundamental and translational science.

Promoting an Organic Exchange of Knowledge and Discovery

Just as the heart cannot be understood in isolation, our Institute cannot thrive in isolation. We collaborate with other research entities to grow our understanding of the body in its larger context. We are establishing relationships with researchers within the Mount Sinai community, with other New York cardiovascular institutes, and with numerous national and international organizations. We actively share our knowledge, insights, and discoveries, and draw inspiration and momentum from the work of our colleagues.

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