Emergency Department Simulation Division

Advancing Education and Healthcare through Simulation.


Our mission is to provide high quality, safe, culturally competent and comprehensive education through simulation.


We use simulation to promote comprehensive, state-of-the-art emergency clinical care, education, and research. We strive to train the next generation of health care providers and medical education leaders in education theory, research, the use of quality improvement for patient safety, and how to create a high-quality health system that values teamwork and communication to continually enhance patient care.

The Simulation educators provide experiential learning at all our clinical sites and educational programs. Our two primary simulation centers are the Simulation Teaching and Research (STAR) Center at The Mount Sinai Hospital and the Center for Advanced Medical Simulation (CAMS) at Mount Sinai West. In addition, we offer simulation training in classrooms, smaller centers, and in situ at all of our clinical locations. 

We offer two fellowships: The Simulation and Medical Education Fellowship at The Mount Sinai Hospital and the STAR Center, and the Simulation Fellowship at Mount Sinai West and CAMS. Our simulation faculty are regional and national leaders in education with leadership positions in the Society for Simulation in Healthcare and the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine’s Simulation Academy. We have a strong history of research and grant work in medical education, and publications ranging from engineering studies to curricula, and we continue to contribute to the medical literature on simulation and education.

The Mount Sinai Hospital / STAR Center: Located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, The Mount Sinai Hospital is the flagship hospital of the Mount Sinai Health System. The Mount Sinai Hospital houses the STAR Center, our primary site for simulation education for the Emergency Department at the hospital and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai’s medical students. Read more about the STAR Center and its programs at The Mount Sinai Hospital.

Mount Sinai West / CAMS: Located at Mount Sinai West, CAMS is the main location for fundamental simulation and training for various departments within the hospital.

Elmhurst Hospital Center: The Simulation Center at Elmhurst opened in September 2015 and is dedicated to Emergency Medicine simulation, residency education, and collaboration between the Emergency Department and other services.
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Mount Sinai Beth Israel: The Mount Sinai Beth Israel Simulation Center provides clinical education and procedural training to attending physicians, residents, physician assistants, and medical students using high-fidelity simulation. We focus on patient safety by using in situ simulation to train the Emergency Department staff in high-risk procedures such as emergent obstetric deliveries, teamwork, and clinical event debriefing.

The Mount Sinai Health System offers two fellowships in simulation, one based at The Mount Sinai Hospital and the other at Mount Sinai West.

Mount Sinai Hospital
The Mount Sinai Hospital Emergency Department Simulation and Medical Education Fellowship is a broad two-year fellowship, including a master’s degree in education. Learn more

Mount Sinai West
The Mount Sinai West Emergency Department Simulation Division offers a one-year fellowship in Simulation. Learn more

The Mount Sinai West Emergency Department Simulation Division offers residents the opportunity to concentrate on simulation and medical education during their training through a focused two-year curriculum. 

The Mount Sinai Hospital Emergency Medicine Residency offers a fourth-year “senior track” for residents interested in simulation or medical education.

The Simulation Division uses funding from various organizations (including the National Institutes of Health, the Society of Academic Emergency Medicine, and Healthcare Risk Associates) to conduct research to advance culturally competent patient care, quality improvement, and operational design and management. 

Prior projects that have received funding include:

  • Engineering Study with Blue-enriched Light
  • Faculty Procedural Training
  • Inter-professional Clinical Event Debriefing
  • Documentation Research
  • Escalation of Care Training
  • Obstetric Emergencies and Neonatal Resuscitation

Read more about our Simulation leadership:

Christopher Strother, MD

Read more about the rest of our Simulation Division Faculty:

Suzanne Bentley, MD, MPH, FAEP

Jonathan Deassis, MD

Jessica Fleischer-Black, MD

Jared Kutzin, DNP

Wei Li, MD, PhD

Joshua McHugh, MD

Thomas Nguyen, MD

Christine Saracino, DO

Colleen Smith, MD 

Lillian Wong, MD