Emergency Medicine Division of Urgent Care

Playing a critical role in patients’ access to urgent ambulatory care, the Emergency Medicine Division of Urgent Care provides walk-in, no-appointment-necessary care for our Brooklyn Heights, Union Square, Upper East Side, Dumbo, Upper West Side, and Inwood communities. Our centers are staffed by emergency medicine, family medicine, internal medicine, and pediatric physicians, as well as certified physician assistants. The urgent care sites treat patients of all ages with extended hours, 365 days a year, and are actively involved in local outreach. Equipped with X-ray and lab capabilities, first-dose medications, and durable medical equipment, all sites are well prepared to care for patients with acute and urgent illnesses and injuries.

By applying evidence-based research and detailed analysis of our medical processes, Mount Sinai Urgent Care aims to elevate the patient care experience. We pride ourselves on taking a holistic approach, providing patients with a continuum of care, and coordinating with specialists throughout the Mount Sinai Health System when appropriate. We provide care in person, and virtually through telemedicine appointments. Our antibiotic stewardship program aims to ensure that we prescribe the right antibiotic at the right time for the right patient. We maintain a robust performance improvement program to monitor key clinical metrics monthly; we use these data to refine policies and guidelines. As a part of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, we train medical, nurse practitioner, and physician assistant students, as well as residents (physicians-in-training). Through a robust wellness program and open lines of communications, we support our faculty and staff.

Message From the Medical Director

Urgent care medicine is part of the emergent/urgent care continuum of care. At Mount Sinai, we have an in-person presence and also deliver telemedicine for the system. Our goal in urgent care is to deliver timely quality care and to assist, guide, and navigate patients’ transition of care as needed. Our philosophy in urgent care is that the patient care experience does not end at discharge from our centers or video call. The patient remains our responsibility until there is a safe and timely handoff, if needed, to the next caregiver.

Joseph Feldman, MD, FACEP
Director, Division of Emergency Medicine, Urgent Care
Medical Director, Mount Sinai Doctors Urgent Care

Innovations in Telemedicine

Telemedicine is an integral part of care at Mount Sinai Urgent Care. We use several platforms, including Mount Sinai NOW, Click4Care, and Community Paramedicine, to help patients deal with transportation, mobility issues, scheduling, and convenience concerns. It enables patients to manage their health concerns from their home or office. Mount Sinai is leading the way in innovation in virtual health and reducing barriers to health care access.

Within the urgent care sites, we have completely modernized our approach to in-person appointments. An established system of tablets helps streamline communication among patients, providers, staff, and caregivers. This facilitates a seamless and safe encounter for the patient and the staff.

A new pilot program, Urgent Care Anywhere, will use a hybrid virtual and home visit model. We are using advanced streaming software that facilitates a physical exam, including capturing real-time heart and lung sounds as well as throat and ear exams.

Steering Providers: Dmitry Olshansky, DO, and Jonathan Lee, MD

Antibiotic Stewardship

Mount Sinai Urgent Care takes pride in practicing antibiotic stewardship, a program that ensures the proper use of antibiotics to promote patient wellness, prevent overprescribing, and stop the spread of antibiotic resistance. Providers are happy to discuss treatment options with patients, including both supportive and antimicrobial therapies, when needed. Patients should feel comfortable discussing any questions, concerns, and adverse reactions to their antibiotic prescriptions with their doctors. Our goal is to prescribe the right antibiotic at the right time for the right patient.

Steering Provider: Louis Cicatelli, MD

Student Rotations

As a division of Emergency Medicine and as a teaching institution, Mount Sinai Urgent Care provides patients with the most current therapeutic options while also training the next generation of providers. We train medical, nurse practitioner, and physician assistant students, as well as resident physicians.

Steering Provider: Nina Ragaz, MD

Performance Improvement Program

Mount Sinai Urgent Care’s commitment to patient excellence propelled us to develop a novel and comprehensive performance improvement program. We methodically review metrics including time to patient evaluation and the number of patients able to obtain outpatient imaging when medically appropriate. We employ these results to identify ways to better serve our patient population and advance the quality of the care we provide.

Steering Provider: (Mirela) Nicole Lazarciuc, MD

Staff and Faculty Wellness

Awareness at a leadership level during the COVID-19 pandemic helped Mount Sinai Urgent Care develop a robust wellness program to support our staff and faculty. Daily communications, staff "Kudos" shout-outs, weekly virtual get-togethers, and healthy food donations played a role in keeping morale high during challenging times.

Wellness Champion: Gail Ukatu, MD

Community Involvement

Mount Sinai Urgent Care is actively involved in local outreach within our host communities. We value and encourage participation from faculty and staff. Working with elected officials, residents, and organizations, we have provided a variety of services including free blood pressure readings and health awareness booths at community events, and sponsoring activities such as face painting and a scarf drive for a local shelter. Recently we have been taking a virtual approach to providing expert advice to business and resident audiences.

Outreach and Marketing: Daniel Leinweber