Environmental Pediatrics Clinical Program

The Environmental Pediatrics Clinic provides outpatient clinical evaluations and coordinated services for children with known or suspected environmental exposures such as lead or asthma triggers. We focus on helping families and communities promote healthy environments where children live, play, and learn.

Our team provides evidence-based management and guidance on exposures including:

  • Environmental asthma triggers in the home, such as mold, pests, dust, cleaning chemicals, and allergens
  • Heavy metal exposure, including lead and mercury
  • Reducing exposure to common chemicals in our homes, neighborhoods, and in our personal care products.
  • Our team continually reviews scientific evidence to determine best practices for medical testing. We currently do not order the following tests: mycotoxin tests, toxin panels (hair, urine, blood). However, we will discuss your environmental concerns at length to develop a plan of action. 

Our team is led by board-certified pediatricians with specialized training in pediatric environmental health. Our pediatricians work closely with occupational and environmental medicine physicians, industrial hygienists, social workers, and other related professionals to ensure comprehensive care for our patients.

Core Services:

  • Outpatient or telemedicine clinical evaluations of children with known or suspected exposures to environmental toxicants (click here to learn more about what to expect during a visit)
  • Prevention of Exposures: Guidance and practical advice to reduce environmental exposures in the home, school, and community
  • Connection to Resources: Assistance to families with arranging appropriate environmental assessments, remediation activities in their home, or local community organization services

Special Programs:

  • Environmental Asthma Program: Children with persistent asthma may qualify for this personalized asthma program that works closely with families to identify and address common environmental asthma triggers.
  • Vaccine Decision-Making Consultation: Telemedicine service to provide evidence-based and up-to-date answers to questions about child and adolescent vaccines and counselling around vaccine decisions.