Informatics Services

The Center for Biomedical and Population Health Informatics implements a foundational informatics architecture. Our goal is to catalyze research guided by the findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable framework. We are striving to improve access to innovative, high-quality computational and data resources and to enhance partnerships with informatics experts. Achieving these goals will expand our informatics ecosystem and data science educational endeavors, as well as enhance collaborations with the national community. In this way, we will make informatics innovation more easily translational and improve health outcomes.

The Center provides the processes and infrastructure to facilitate the collection, storage, and distribution of patient-centered data to researchers. Data sources include our electronic health record; cancer registry; and biorepository, radiology, pathology, and billing data, as well as links to sequencing data.

Key services include:

  • Data query request execution
  • Informatics consulting services
  • Informatics protocol development
  • Informatics training and education
  • Data use governance
  • Patient-centered digital health
  • IT support for clinical trials
  • Electronic consent
  • Directing to optimal digital resources
  • Identifying appropriate data sets
  • Guiding use of self-service tools
  • Advising on policies including data sharing, security, and patient privacy
  • Posting de-identified counts for the most common queries