Requirements & Templates

Following some simple steps should make the process easier as you prepare your NIH Diversity Supplement application. In order to submit a completed application please include:

Include the title and grant number of the parent grant and the name "Research Supplements to Promote Diversity in Health-Related Research, PA-15-322.”

Do not exceed six pages and include a summary or abstract; a plan and timeline; and a description of how the research and career development experiences will expand and foster your research capabilities.

Provide for funded parent grant or project.

Include a plan and timeline for the research and career development experiences you are proposing. View template

Describe how the proposed experiences relate to the specific research goals and objectives of the parent grant; evidence of adequate mentoring experience and success; evidence that the candidate will receive research mentoring.

Other application sections should also be included if they are being changed by the proposed supplement activities. View template

List the primary site where the proposed supplement activities will be performed. If you will engage in the activities at any other site(s), identify the locations in the fields provided.

Note the PD/PI as the first person (regardless of their role on the supplement activities). List any other senior/key personnel with a role on the supplement, followed by the candidate who is being added through this supplement or for whom additional funds are being requested through this supplement. Candidate's for diversity supplement support must have a profile in eRA Commons. Enter the candidate's Commons Username on the senior/key personnel form.

Include evidence of scientific achievement or interest, any other current source of funding, and statement from the candidate outlining his/her research objectives and career goals. View template

Provide a proposed budget entered on budget spreadsheets related to the percent effort (where appropriate) for the research experience of the candidate during the first and future years. If the initial budget period requested is less than 12 months, prorate the budget accordingly. Clarify the following:

  • Senior/Key PersonnelStarting with PD/PI first and the diversity candidate second, provide the name, role, person-months requested, base salary, requested salary, fringe benefits, and total funds requested for each person. If the initial budget period requested is less than 12 months, prorate the budget accordingly.
  • Other Personnel: Do not request costs for personnel other than the diversity candidate as part of this funding program.
  • Equipment: In general, you may not purchase equipment as a part of this supplement. See FOA for additional information on equipment and other budgeting information.

Provide documentation, if applicable, that your Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee or human subjects Institutional Review Board has approved the project. Include documentation that the project adheres to the NIH policy for including women and minorities in clinical studies if you plan for additional human subject involvement for the supplement component.

Include a signed statement from the PD(s)/PI(s) and an institutional official establishing the eligibility of the candidate for support under this program. The statement must indicate the candidate’s citizenship. The NIH administrative review committee will consider the strength of this statement along with all other material provided. View template

If you will conduct research at a site other than the grantee institution, include a letter from the additional institution. This letter must be signed by the candidate, the PD(s)/PI(s), and the appropriate institutional business official.

If the request is for a supplement based on disability, indicate what, if any, reasonable accommodations the institution has or plans to provide along with a description of how the accommodations will be useful. In addition, describe the relationship of the proposed accommodation to the project under discussion.