Assistant Professor / C-E Track

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Appointment, reappointment and promotion to the rank of Assistant Professor in the Clinician and/or Educator Track may be extended to individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence in clinical practice and/or education within an academic community, and who possess the ability to integrate teaching and scholarship on an ongoing basis into the practice or learning of medicine and science.  Innovative approaches to these endeavors will be considered a plus:

Clinical Care

Candidates are expected to show evidence of superior competence in their medical practice. They should be perceived by other physicians in the institution and community as a source of excellent care for patients.


Scholarship includes the sustained publication and/or presentation of clinical observations, reviews, analytic studies, textbook chapters, state-of-the-art clinical practice, reviews and/or development of teaching materials, and faculty development. Scholarship can also include the design of programs of excellence in delivery of clinical care, innovative methods of care and integration of teaching into clinical practice. Participation in research, e.g., a significant role in clinical trials, may also be considered. Development of new programs of clinical care and support of such programs by service or research grants will be considered. The development and dissemination of materials such as clinical practice guidelines and care maps at the local level as well as design and participation in quality assurance and improvement of care would be required as a demonstration of ongoing scholarship. Participation in research, e.g., a significant role in clinical trials, epidemiologic studies or evaluation of quality of care interventions may also be considered.


Integration of teaching within the practice of medicine or other scholarly activities on a regular and on-going basis is desirable.  This can be demonstrated through recognition as superior teachers by peers and students as judged by evaluations submitted by trainees. Innovation and development of educational and clinical programs and grant support of such programs will also be considered. Teaching may take place at various levels ranging from individual patient care to institution-wide quality of care, or other initiatives. Candidates at this rank have the opportunity to establish a teaching portfolio that will serve as the foundation for future consideration as an educator in this track.


Candidates may show evidence of their role in clinical or educational administration, or in developing and/or implementing changes that improve the quality of care in a clinical practice or program, or in an educational program.

Updated November 2014