Mount Sinai Name Usage

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The name "Mount Sinai" is of considerable value to the institution, the Board of Trustees and staff since it signifies and represents the highest ethical and professional standards in patient care, teaching and research. Accordingly, great care must be taken to ensure that Mount Sinai's name is not used in a manner that compromises those standards or the integrity of the institution. The purpose of this Policy is to set forth the circumstances under which Mount Sinai's name may be used by the institution as well as by members of the full-time and voluntary professional and administrative staffs.

Except as provided in this Policy, Mount Sinai's name and logo may not be used in connection with any transaction or activity without the approval of the Marketing Department.

Employees and faculty may accurately describe their affiliation with Mount Sinai in connection with their professional and institutional activities but otherwise may not use the Mount Sinai name or logo or authorize its use by any third party or entity. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, no employee, staff member or trustee may use Mount Sinai's name or logo or permit its use in a manner that would identify Mount Sinai with any product or any commercial or other activity that would imply endorsement or support thereof by Mount Sinai.

In all consulting agreements, faculty and employees must include a provision which restricts the use of Mount Sinai's name or logo in accordance with this Policy.

The use of Mount Sinai's name in publications shall be governed by the guidelines detailed below.

All research funding, joint venture agreements, affiliation agreements or any other arrangement where there is a reasonable probability that Mount Sinai's name might be exploited (such as in a public or private financing or in an affiliation arrangement with another institution) shall expressly limit any such potential use. In instances where entities with which Mount Sinai has a relationship may be required to disclose the nature of such relationship to governmental authorities, it shall be the responsibility of the President of Mount Sinai to ensure to the extent feasible that any such disclosures are accurate and appropriate and do not exploit Mount Sinai's name. Where possible, the use of Mount Sinai's name in such arrangements shall terminate upon the termination of the relationship with Mount Sinai.

In the event the Marketing Department approves the use of Mount Sinai's name by another corporation or entity (either in the actual corporate name of such corporation or entity or otherwise), the Marketing Department shall monitor such use with appropriate diligence to ensure that its name is not exploited beyond the scope of the original permission. Permission to use Mount Sinai's name may be given only pursuant to a written agreement and, unless the Marketing Department specifies otherwise, such agreement must reserve to Mount Sinai the absolute right to terminate such use at any time and for any reason.

This Policy will be strictly enforced. Employees and members of the voluntary staff who violate this Policy will be subject to disciplinary action including possible dismissal and members of the Board of Trustees will be subject to removal.

Questions concerning this Policy should be directed to the Marketing Department who will advise the President's office of the inquiry.