For Medical Students

At the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (ISMMS), we support the innovative and evolving faces of medicine today. Our highly selective school of medicine attracts applicants from around the world devoted to pursuing careers in medicine and research. Medical school education is an exciting experience but it can also be stressful. The Office of Well-being and Resilience hopes to make the medical education process more manageable through our vast network of resources.

Medical Student Workplace Culture

There are a number of resources and programs in place to develop a culture of well-being among medical students.

IcahnBeWell is a medical student-directed student wellness program that provides resources to support spiritual, emotional, physical, professional, and financial well-being. Among other events, for the last few years IcahnBeWell, has hosted Wellness Wednesdays at Aron Hall, where students can enjoy community-building events.

ISMMS Advising System assigns students with several advisors including Wellness Advisors (WA), Faculty Advisors (FA), and Student Advisors (SA) to help guide students through all four years of medical school.

  • Wellness Advisors are clinical social workers who are available for one-on-one meetings focused on self-care, support, and resource building. The WA help students cope with school pressures and interpersonal or relationship issues. Our WA are also available to make referrals for additional supportive services if needed.
  • Student Advisors are fourth-year medical students who offer peer support, guidance, and mentorsip.
  • Faculty Advisors 
  • Appointments with your FA and WA can be made through MARC. To find out who your assigned FA or WA is, please go on to blackboard: You will find FA and WA pairings under the Student Resource tab -> Class Information Section -> Advising Cohorts. If you are still unsure of who your faculty advisor, wellness advisor, or student advisor is, please contact Alicia Hurtado, MD.

The Student Council Health and Wellness Committee consists of one representative from each MD class and multiple representatives from the graduate school student body. The purpose of this committee is to facilitate the resolution of any issue related to student health by working with the student bodies of the medical and graduate schools, the schools’ administrations, and hospital staff. 

The Student Wellness Oversight Task Force oversees the creation and execution of all mandated wellness activities and those deemed priorities by the Department of Medical Education. This task force has the authority to set wellness objectives; establish educational goals; establish and approve wellness curricula; ensure content integration, coordination, and coherence; and evaluate educational outcomes. This task force has representation from different areas of the medical school, course and clerkship directors, the Office for Diversity and Inclusion, and the Student Council.

Medical Student Mental Health Support

ISMMS provides mental health services to all of our medical and graduate students, resident physicians, and postdoctoral fellows through our Student Trainee Mental Health (STMH) program. Our services include consultations, psychotherapy and counseling, medication management, referral for adjustment difficulties, burnout, depression, anxiety, and attentional symptoms. STMH has extended hours multiple days a week to accommodate students’ schedules. Schedule an appointment at 212-659-8805 or via email.

For urgent or crisis situations, call 212-241-2400 (or 1-866-339-7725). This is a dedicated 24/7 crisis hotline provided via Vibrant Emotional Health. Callers will be connected to a licensed counselor who can provide crisis intervention and counseling, urgent mental health support, referral to mental health resources, or assistance in accessing emergency services (911 or Mobile Crisis Teams) when appropriate.

NYC Well connects you with suicide prevention and crisis counseling, peer support, and short-term counseling services. Call 1-888-NYC-WELL (1-888-692-9355) to schedule appointments or find other mental health services.

Medical Student Personal Health and Resilience

The personal health and resilience services at ISMMS are designed to help our medical students thrive during medical training. Our personal health services include:

  • The PEERS Program is a trainee-led program designed to provide a safe space for reflection and to foster positive relationships within the Mount Sinai community. PEERS focuses on the challenges specific to progression through the stages of medical training in order to find new approaches to managing personal and academic challenges. The goal is to encourage trainees to find a sense of meaning from work and community, and to gain skills to deliver high quality self-care as well as patient care. Our PEERS program has been recognized by the American Psychiatric Association and will expand to include the PhD program and select Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) residency programs.
  • Mount Sinai Wellness provides physical health wellness programs such as Mount Sinai Fit and Mount Sinai Calm. These personalized services provide information about nutrition, exercise, diabetes, diabetes prevention services, and primary care wellness visits. Email Mount Sinai Wellness for additional information.
  • Mount Sinai Calm supports the Mount Sinai Health System community with self-care, stress management, and work-life balance programs. These free and confidential consultations are available in person or via phone. Clinical social workers assist faculty and staff members with implementing personalized self-care action plans that may include taking part in free offerings of yoga, mindfulness, tai chi, and music to unwind as shown here.
  • Spiritual Care and Education provides interfaith spiritual care for various religions. Whatever your faith, this program offers healing, hope, and comfort. Our chaplains support you emotionally and spiritually. We provide a Chi Cart with tea and aromatherapy and a quiet safe space for self-care. Call 212-241-7262 for more information.
  • Paws & Play, in partnership with the Child Life and Creative Arts Therapy Department, provides well-being and resilience opportunities for staff, faculty, and trainees. Contact Jaclyn Craig to arrange an opportunity for you and your peers to interact with our trained facility dog Moby.
  • The Mount Sinai Recreation Office offers discounts to many New York City cultural events, such as Broadway and off-Broadway shows, movies, sporting events, amusement parks, restaurants, health clubs and spas, hotels, cell phone services, car rentals, and more. Use your Mount Sinai Health System ID to access these benefits. Visit the website or call 212-241-6660 for assistance.
  • The Ombuds Officeis a confidential, independent resource for medical students, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, residents, clinical fellows, and faculty at Mount Sinai. Led by Deborah Marin, MDthis office helps ensure fair and equitable conflict resolutions in workplace and educational settings.