The Office of Well-Being and Resilience

The Office of Well-being and Resilience believes that your professional and personal fulfillment are essential to the delivery of education, research, and patient care.

Located in the Office of the Dean within the Icahn School of Medicine, the Office of Well-being and Resilience is dedicated to the health and happiness of students, trainees, researchers, and faculty across the Mount Sinai Health System. We want to hear your voice in order to learn what you need to experience professional fulfillment through your work. Together, we will offer a variety of new and ongoing efforts to meet your needs. If there are ways in which we can aid in your professional fulfillment, we want to hear from you.

To ensure that your voice is heard, we will distribute online well-being surveys, conduct focus groups, and meet regularly with Mount Sinai students, trainees, and faculty. Your responses will be confidential and will help us assess levels of engagement and burnout across the system. The surveys will help us assess our strengths as well as our shortcomings. Your responses will also help us identify opportunities for resource improvement and create new initiatives.

Our mission is to provide support services for our students and staff to rely on in time of need. We are invested in not only your professional growth but in your mental and physical health as well. We hope to help you feel empowered to not only dedicate yourself to your work but also to take good care of your minds, bodies, and spirits. Well-being is a shared responsibility. It is about easing the stress that keeps our students and faculty from succeeding. We are here to help you along the way.

Our goal is to see you at your best, professionally and personally. The initiatives and resources below are here to help you feel invigorated, engaged, and excited about your work with Mount Sinai.

Meet Our Team 

Jonathan A. Ripp, MD, MPH
Chief Wellness Officer
Senior Associate Dean for Well-Being and Resilience

Lauren Peccoralo, MD, MPH
Associate Dean for Faculty Well-Being and Resilience

Basil Hanss, PhD
Associate Dean for Graduate School Well-Being and Resilience

Alicia Hurtado, MD
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education (UME) Well-Being and Resilience

Saadia Akhtar, MD
Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education (GME) Well-Being and Resilience

Anu Anandaraja, MD, MPH
Director, Office of Well-Being and Resilience

Craig Katz, MD
Mental Health Advisor, Office of Well-Being and Resilience

Sharissa Rivera
Program Coordinator, Office of Well-Being and Resilience