Course Planning

Planning a Continuing Medical Education (CME) course or activity requires a close working relationship between the Course Director and the CME office. Prior to initiating the application process, we advise you to contact the CME office to discuss possible dates, program ideas, content, and procedures.

To help streamline the process, we have developed the following lists of questions for Course Directors. Please review these lists with the CME director, to ensure that you have a clear understanding of all the components.

Applications must be submitted and approved at least three months prior to the activity date.

Forms for Developing a CME Course

CME courses require the administrative forms that we have provided for you below. You may complete these forms using MS Word, except for those that require your signature. Download and save each form on your computer before you begin to fill them out.

Form A: Application for Live or Enduring CME Activity

Form B: Application for Regularly Scheduled Conference

Form C: Faculty Disclosure Form

Form D: Commercial Support Agreement

Form E: Joint Providership Form

Form F: Evaluation Form

Form G: Regularly Scheduled Conferences Evaluation Form


To help you achieve your objectives, we have compiled the following guidelines for your CME courses and activities.

Web Sites

A number of websites address important ethical issues for health care professionals as they interact with related industries such as pharmaceuticals and biotech.