Clinical Cardiovascular Fellowship Program at Mount Sinai Hospital and Elmhurst City Hospital

Welcome to the Clinical Cardiovascular Training Program of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Our program focuses on preparing fellows for careers as outstanding clinicians, scholars, and leaders through rigorous, comprehensive training in all aspects of cardiovascular medicine. Fellows enjoy broad exposure to the diverse patient populations at the Elmhurst Hospital Center in Queens and The Mount Sinai Medical Center on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, where the program is based.

Created to meet changing healthcare needs, the program offers balanced strength in all aspects of cardiovascular training. With close ties to the older Mount Sinai Academic Track program, which focuses on basic and clinical science, the Clinical Track program provides opportunities to engage in cardiovascular research at Mount Sinai’s Zena and Michael A. Weiner Cardiovascular Institute. The research institute and its clinical counterpart, Mount Sinai Heart, integrate programs and services that span the entire spectrum of the cardiovascular field.

To complement rotations at this internationally renowned academic health science center, fellows spend considerable time at the Elmhurst Hospital Center, an academic municipal hospital operated by the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation and a primary teaching affiliate of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Located in the Borough of Queens, arguably the world’s most culturally diverse community, Elmhurst Hospital provides the hands-on involvement that is crucial to developing procedural skills and clinical confidence. It is our belief that the combination of mentored experiences in these environments promotes independence, intellectual growth, and professional excellence. We take enormous pride in the training of our fellows, who are the best ambassadors for the program.

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How to Apply

The Clinical Track Cardiology Fellowship Program participates in the National Residence Matching Program®. Refer to this site for information about fellowship matching.

We process applications through The Electronic Residency Application Service®(ERAS®).

The NRMP match number is 1490141F1.

If you have questions or need information, contact our Fellowship Coordinator:

Ana M. Peña, C-TAGME
Mount Sinai Heart
Fellowship Manager
Division of Cardiology
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
212-426-6376 (Fax)

First-Year Fellows

Aviv Alter, MD - Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Samuel Maidman, MD - NYU Grossman School of Medicine
Priya Panday, MD - NYU Grossman School of Medicine
Adam Reisman, MD - Columbia University

Second-Year Fellows

Akash Patel, MD - Boston University
Ranbir Singh, MD - Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Catherine Duazo, MD - Brown University
Dylan Sperling, MD - Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Third-Year Fellows

Arjun Gupta, MD, MPH - Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Alex Choy, MD - Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Angie Seo, MD - Brown University
Gayatri Setia, MD - Cedars-Sinai Hospital

Class of 2023 Residency After Fellowship
Huazhen Chen, MD Mount Sinai Interventional Fellowship - Mount Sinai Morningside
Sonika Patel, MD Maryland Attending - New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell
Sanjin Tunovic, MD Tulane Interventional Fellowship - North Shore Long Island Jewish
Elliot Wiesenfeld, MD Montefiore Private Practice - New Jersey


Class of 2022 Residency After Fellowship
Matthew Cagliostro, MD Mount Sinai Advanced Heart Failure at Mount Sinai
Eman Rashed, MD Rutgers University Advanced Heart Failure at University of Pennsylvania
Imad Bagh, MD Western Michigan Interventional and Structural Cardiology at Oschner Medical Center
David Sternheim, MD Emory Private Practice – NY


Class of 2021 Residency After Fellowship
Isha Ranadive Mount Sinai Interventional Cardiology Fellowship - Mount Sinai
Tania Ruiz Maya NYU Advanced Imaging Fellowship - Weill Cornell
Samantha Lee Columbia Attending - Staten Island University Hospital
Benjamin Gold Baylor Private Practice – Connecticut


Class of 2020 Residency After Fellowship
Panagiota Christia Montefiore Advanced Imaging – Mount Sinai
Lindsay Elbaum Mount Sinai Interventional – Cornell
Jonathan Gandhi Emory Electrophysiology – Mount Sinai
Swetha Penmasta Mount Sinai Private Practice – Virginia


Class of 2019 Residency After Fellowship
Rafael Harari Mount Sinai Interventional – NYU
Sean Kotkin Mount Sinai Attending – Mount Sinai
Jeffrey Smietana Mount Sinai Electrophysiology – Univ of Pennsylvania
Matthew Weiss NYU Attending – Community Medical Center, MT


Class of 2018 Residency After Fellowship
Aditya Parikh Mount Sinai Advanced Heart Failure – Mount Sinai
Jeffrey Selan Mount Sinai Interventional Fellow – Mount Sinai
Rosy Thachil Drexel Attending – Montefiore
David Zagha NYU Interventional - NYU


Class of 2017 Residency After Fellowship
Judah Rauch Mount Sinai Interventional – Montefiore
John Savino Mount Sinai Private Practice – Heart Associates of Long Island/StonyBrook
Jason Sayanlar Georgetown Private Practice – HUMCCP Advanced Cardiology Institute, NJ
Tamanna Singh Boston University Attending – Cleveland Clinic, OH


Class of 2016 Residency After Fellowship
Benoit Bewley Mount Sinai Private Practice – Healthquest, NY
Vaani Garg Mount Sinai Attending/Assistant PD – BronxCare Health System
Mark Kahn Mount Sinai Attending – Northwell Health
Elliot Levine Mount Sinai Advanced Heart Failure – Mount Sinai


Class of 2015 Residency After Fellowship
Fadi Chalhoub Tufts Electrophysiology Attending – Baystate, MA
Noah Moss Montefiore Heart Failure Attending – Mount Sinai
Debleena Pain Mount Sinai Heart Failure Attending – Swedish Hospital, WA
Ziad Sergie Mount Sinai Private Practice – California


Class of 2014 Residency After Fellowship
Michael Chen NYU Medical Director Mechanical Circulatory Support
Patrick Hourani Montefiore Interventional Attending – Mercy Hospital, FL
Andrew Krasner Mount Sinai Private Practice – Medical Specialists of The Palm Beaches Inc Cardiology, FL
Shiny Matthewkutty UT Southwestern Private Practice – Mercy Cardiology Clinic, IA


Class of 2013 Residency After Fellowship
Daniel Amaez Mount Sinai Private Practice – Medical Specialists of The Palm Beaches Inc Cardiology, FL
Giovina Bomba Mount Sinai Private Practice – NY
Natasha Lipson Mount Sinai Heart Failure Attending – University of Colorado
Christopher Varughese Montefiore Private Practice – Heart & Vascular Care of NY


Class of 2012 Residency After Fellowship
Kabir Bhasin Yale Electrophysiology Attending – Northwell Health
Aimee Cowan Montefiore Attending – Catholic Health Services of Long Island
Thomas Kawano Montefiore Interventional Attending – Swedish Hospital, WA
Michael Broukhim Cedars-Sinai Interventional Attending – Providence Health, CA


Class of 2011 Residency After Fellowship
Joseph Harburger Yale Attending – Westchester Medical Center
Jotinder Malhotra Elmhurst Attending – Northwell Health
Chetan Pungoti Mount Sinai Attending – University of Washington
Biana Trost Mount Sinai Attending – Northwell Health


Class of 2010 Residency After Fellowship
Solomon Bagae Elmhurst Attending – Memorial Health System, OH
Michelle Bloom Montefiore Heart Failure Attending – Stony Brook
Nidhi Kumar NYU Attending – St. Peter’s Healthcare System, NJ
Gregg Lanier Mount Sinai Director Pulmonary Hypertension – Westchester Medical Center


Class of 2009 Residency After Fellowship
Seth Jawetz Mount Sinai Private Practice – Summit Medical Group, NJ
Russell Stein Mount Sinai Attending – Danbury Hospital, CT
Janice Scobie Univ of Pennsylvania Private Practice – Mount Sinai Doctors
Joshua Shatzkes Yale Attending – Mount Sinai
Pilar Stevens-Cohen Mount Sinai Attending – South Nassau, NY


Class of 2008 Residency After Fellowship
Jesus Almendral Montefiore Heart Failure Attending – Hackensack Meridian Health, NJ
Steven Francescone Cornell Private Practice – Mount Sinai Doctors/Riverside Group
Deborah Reynolds Mount Sinai Attending – Elmhurst Hospital


Class of 2007 Residency After Fellowship
Amrit Guptan Queens Hospital Director – HCA Healthcare, WA
Prabhakara Kunamneni Bronx VA Interventional Attending – Advent Health, FL
Tariqshah Syed St. Luke’s Roosevelt Private Practice – Cardiovascular Specialists of North Jersey
Georgianne Valli Mount Sinai Attending – Berkshire Medical Center