Research and Publications

Research is encouraged, and there is the option to spend 12-24 months dedicated in full-time research between Post-Graduate Year (PGY) 4 and PGY5. If residents are not interested in taking dedicated time off to conduct research, we offer many other types of opportunities to conduct clinical research with our attending at any time.  

The following is a select list of publications contributed to by past and current Mount Sinai residents (indicted in bold below), during their residencies:

  • Chikwe J, Toyoda N,  Anyanwu A, Itagaki S, Egorova NN, Boateng P, El-Eshmawi A, Adams DH. Surgeon Mitral Volume Impacts Valve Repair Rates, Durability and Survival in New York State.  Journal of American College of Cardiology (JACC) (in press).
  • Chikwe J, Itagaki S, Anyanwu A, Adams DH.  Impact of concomitant tricuspid annuloplasty on tricuspid regurgitation, right ventricular function, and pulmonary artery hypertension after repair of mitral valve prolapse.  Journal of American College of Cardiology. 2015 May 12;65(18):1931-8.
  • Adams DH, Popma JJ, Reardon MJ et al. Transcatheter aortic valve replacement with a self-expanding prosthesis. New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM). 2014;370(19):1790-8.
  • Anyanwu AC, Itagaki S, Chikwe J, El-Eshmawi A, Adams DH. A complexity scoring system for degenerative mitral valve repair. The Journal of Thoracic Cardiovascular Surgery. 2016 Jun;151(6):1661-70.
  • Chikwe J, Chiang YP, Egorova NN, Itagaki S, Adams DH. Survival and outcomes following bioprosthetic vs mechanical mitral valve replacement in patients aged 50 to 69 years. JAMA. 2015 Apr 14;313(14):1435-42.
  • Anyanwu AC, Itagaki S, Pinney S, Adams DH. Initial experience with routine less invasive implantation of HeartMate II left ventricular assist device without median sternotomy. European Journal Cardio-Thoracic Surgery. 2014 Dec;46(6):985-90.
  • Castillo JG, Anyanwu AC, El-Eshmawi A, Adams DH. All anterior and bileaflet mitral valve prolapses are repairable in the modern era of reconstructive surgery. European Journal Cardio-Thoracic Surgery. 2014 Jan Jan;45(1):139-45.
  • Castillo JG, Anyanwu AC, Fuster V, Adams DH. A near 100% repair rate for mitral valve prolapse is achievable in a reference center: implications for future guidelines. The Journal of Thoracic Cardiovascular Surgery. 2012 Aug;144(2):308-12.
  • Stelzer P, Itagaki S, Varghese R, Chikwe J. Operative mortality and morbidity after the Ross procedure: a 26-year learning curve. The Journal of Heart Valve Disease. 2013 Nov;22(6):776-81.
  • Weiss AJ, Zhao S, Tian DH, Taggart DP, Yan TD. A meta-analysis comparing bilateral internal mammary artery with left internal mammary artery for coronary artery bypass grafting. Annals of Cardiothoracic Surgery. 2013 Jul;2(4):390-400.