The salary we offer is generally competitive with other medical programs in the New York City area, and is determined according to training level. Mount Sinai does not use state funding to supplement hospital lines. We permit moonlighting at the discretion of the training director. Salary levels as of January 2016 are: PGY-4: $69,798; PGY-5: $72,479; PGY-6: $75,568.

You have four weeks of vacation each year as a fellow. You may also take time off for professional meetings, at the discretion of the training director. We encourage you to attend the annual meeting of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

We offer comprehensive healthcare insurance and a variety of plans for dental care, eye care, prescription drugs, term and universal life, accidental death, and disability. 

We give you an annual stipend of $50 to purchase toys for psychotherapy. We also reimburse you for taxis to and from supervision and while on-call.

We provide malpractice insurance for the fellowship period, and into the future, for any activities that transpired during training.

Yes, we provide a fee-based day-care center on the premises, with full- and part-time care. 

You enjoy full access to a range of facilities, including our medical library, computer center, and audio-visual media facilities.

You are eligible for reduced-rate housing and parking in the city.

Absolutely! Through our recreation office, you can buy discounted tickets to Broadway shows, sports events, concerts, and many other activities in New York City and surrounding areas.