Residency + PhD Program: Support

"Mount Sinai is the only institution to formally offer a PhD degree during psychiatry residency—it also provided the financial backing, mentorship, and collaborative effort across disciplines to provide the most supportive experience during residency." —Whitney McFadden, MD, PhD (graduate)

PGY-1 trainees are full-time Mount Sinai Hospital interns and paid accordingly; they are also eligible for Mount Sinai housing. In years 2 through 7, trainees will be paid by both The Mount Sinai Hospital for their work as 50% time resident psychiatrists and via NIMH and Department of Psychiatry funding. The salary is at least equal to that of residents having a similar number of years after graduation from medical school (i.e., the postgraduate year or “PGY”-level). Residents in this track are eligible to receive support for travel to scientific meetings and costs related to research activities. Additional sources of support for successful trainees in the Residency + PhD program may also be available, both for research activities and for salary. As up to 50% of residency time is devoted to research starting in the PGY2 year, this program also offers the possibility of substantial financial advantages through early application to the NIH’s Loan Repayment Program (up to $50,000 per year).