Like ours, there are many top residency programs that will give you a great clinical, research, and administrative education. However, we believe that for your psychiatric education to be brilliant, you should seek out a program that matches you, not only in its offerings, but also in its personality, character, and culture. In this vein, the program’s residents themselves carry profound importance for your decision, and we are thrilled to introduce you to our current and past residents—the personal core of our program. 

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For a ground-level perspective on training, thriving, and life at Mount Sinai, take a look at how some of our residents characterize their individual experiences.

PGY-1 Dan
PGY-1 Eve
PGY-1 Heidi
PGY-2 Parker
PGY-2 Zebib
PGY-3 Brenda
PGY-3 Linda
PGY-4 Kara
PGY-4 Travis

We advocate for our residents to pursue clinical, research, and administrative awards, both locally and nationally. The sheer number of successes in this competitive context speaks to the esteem with which our residents are held, the scope of their varied interests, and their potential for future accomplishments.

Explore selected awards received by our residents in the past few years.

As highly sought after and well-trained psychiatrists, our graduates have been extremely successful in obtaining top fellowships and positions in leading academic medical centers. We are very proud of them, and we welcome you to explore where our alumni pursue careers immediately following graduation.

Please refer to the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai’s Graduate Medical Education (GME) Office for an overview of the benefits offered to our residents. Additional information is listed below. 

Resident Salaries

Resident salaries are adjusted annually and vary by post-graduate year. Salaries for the 2020-21 academic year are as follows:

  • PGY-1: $70,876
  • PGY-2: $73,311
  • PGY-3: $76,660
  • PGY-4: $79,726

Health Insurance and Other Benefits

Mount Sinai offers a comprehensive package of benefits including health insurance with dental, vision, and prescription medication coverage, malpractice insurance, short term/long term disability, accidental death &dismemberment insurance, life insurance worker’s compensation, nursery care, dependent care reimbursement accounts, and a 403(b) plan. Residents receive 20 days paid vacation per year and 12 days of paid sick leave per year.


Mount Sinai owns several apartment buildings near the medical center and guarantees a housing offer for all incoming residents. Specific assignments are offered based on a lottery system, and it is recommended that incoming residents apply immediately after matching into the program to increase the chances of getting a preferred apartment. Rental prices are frequently below market rates for the area. Residents may apply as incoming singles, incoming couples, or incoming families. Apartments include studios, 1-bedroom, and multi-bedroom options.