Research Track

A unique and pioneering program that maximizes flexibility, with built-in time to pursue your research passions.

Our NIH R25 funded research track residency programs go beyond the core requirements by helping you build experiences tailored to your own research interests. This way, you can become a true specialist as a physician-scientist while you master clinical skills. Our leading-edge programs emphasize flexibility, allowing for projects to grow and independent thinking to develop early on. You'll be nurtured by your mentor, as well as a multidisciplinary advisory committee, with structured oversight on the grant submission process, furthering your chances of acceptance and higher funding levels.

Check out our video to hear from a recent alum, a current resident, and program leadership. View our full brochure and recording of our virtual meet and greet. We also co-hosted a virtual networking event with the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania; you can watch the recording (password is ISMMS). 

You can also meet our current research track residents, see where our graduates are now, and check out the awards they've received.

We are currently accepting applicants for our NIMH-funded T32 Clinical Neuroscience Research Fellowship; visit the website for details. 

Physician-Scientist Program

This program is designed for applicants who have a demonstrated interest and aptitude in psychiatric research, as it provides substantial protected time for research throughout residency training. While it is not limited to MD/PhD applicants, priority is generally given to those who have participated in substantial research activities prior to residency. Learn about one of our current chief residents for research. We offer two positions in each entering class.

Our Research Environment

Per the most recent NIH funding ranking data available (from 2022), our Department of Neuroscience is No. 4 in the United States as ranked by federal funding, our Department of Psychiatry is No. 7, and our Department of Genetics and Genomic Sciences  is No. 5, with individual investigators listed among the top funded PIs. Our institutes and centers of excellence, with which our residents work, include the Friedman Brain Institute (led by Eric Nestler, MD, PhD), the Seaver Autism Center (led by Joseph Buxbaum, PhD), the Nash Family Center for Advanced Circuit Therapeutics (led by Helen Mayberg, MD), the Depression and Anxiety Center for Discovery and Treatment, as well as the Treatment-Resistant Depression Program (led by James Murrough, MD, PhD), the Center for Psychedelic Psychotherapy and Trauma Research (led by Rachel Yehuda, PhD), the Brain and Body Research Center (led by Scott Russo, PhD), the Center for Computational Psychiatry (led by Xiaosi Gu, PhD), the Pamela Sklar Division of Psychiatric Genomics (led by Panagiotis Roussos, MD, MS, PhD), the Translational Bioinformatics and Precision Therapeutics Group (led by Georgios Voloudakis, MD, PhD) within the Center for Disease Neurogenomics, the Alzheimer's Disease Research Center (led by Mary Sano, PhD), the Psychosis Program (led by Dolores Malaspina, MD, MS, MSPH) and the Blau Center (led by René Kahn, MD, PhD).

Program Directors

Antonia S. New, MD
Residency Training Director
Vice Chair for Education and Program Director
Professor of Psychiatry

Mercedes Perez-Rodriguez, MD, PhD
Associate Training Director for Research
Director of Clinical Research and Research Training, Critical Connections, the Psychosis Program
Associate Professor of Psychiatry
Social Cognition Section Co-Chief, Center for Affective Neuroscience

Asher B. Simon, MD
Associate Director of Residency Training
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry