During the second and third year of fellowship fellows have an opportunity to pursue supervised research for an average of 12 months in total. During these months the fellows are not on clinical rotations. The Program Director (PD), the Associate PD (APD) and Division Chief usually begin discussions of research focus with fellows during their first year by hosting a “research open-house” to showcase all the divisional faculty and their ongoing/anticipated research projects. In addition, fellows are encouraged to initiate research questions on their own and to find an appropriate mentor to assist them in developing the project (sometimes even outside the division). After exploring what a fellow’s interests are, the PD and Division Chief recommend specific mentors and projects. The fellow then meets with several possible research mentors and chooses accordingly.

Select fellows are offered a fourth year of fellowship (non-ACGME). This fellowship year has protected research time with a focus on developing skills needed to become a successfully funded independent researcher.

A Research Mentorship Committee meets with all research fellows to monitor progress of their research projects and milestones. Additional opportunities through Masters in Clinical Research, Masters in Public Health, Quality Improvement & training grants are available. 

  • Project: Household and ambient air/environmental pollution in the pre-natal period and its effect on lung development in infants
    Investigator: Dr Alison Lee
  • Project: ER-ICU Interface: Effect of delays in transfer of admitted critically ill patient from ER to ICU
    Investigator: Dr Mathews
  • Project: ROSE Study: Clinical trial assessing the effects of neuromuscular blockade in moderate to severe ARDS
    Investigators: Drs Mathews and Richman
  • Project: Clinical trials of biologic agents in treatment of patients with severe persistent asthma
    Investigators: Dr Rogers and Skloot
  • Project: Measurement of lung function in obese asthmatics using forced oscillometry
    Investigator: Dr Skloot
  • Project: Determination of biomarkers and gene expression profiling in early stage adenocarcinoma specimens of lung cancer
    Investigator: Dr Powell
  • Project: Using the SEER database to extract risk factors for poor outcomes in diverse populations with COPD, asthma and lung cancer
    Investigator: Dr Wisnivesky
  • Project: Cardiovascular outcomes in patients with obstructive sleep apnea within various populations
    Investigator: Dr Shah
  • Project: Catheter directed thrombolysis in patients with submassive PE
    Investigator: Dr Poor
  • Project: Clinical trials studying antifibrotic agents in patients with Scleroderma ILD and IPF
    Investigators: Drs Padilla and Dua
  • Project: Quality Improvement Projects
    Investigator: Dr Harkin
  • Project: Reducing COPD re-admission rates
    Investigator: Dr Braman
  • Project: Clinical trials of inhaled long acting agents in COPD
    Investigator: Dr Schachter

Please take a look at a partial list of our fellows’ most recent publications and presentations.