Translational Addiction Research Fellowship at the Icahn School of Medicine

As a fellow in this program, you receive cross-disciplinary research training in the neurobiology of addiction and related psychiatric disorders. We emphasize integration of basic and clinical research to understand the neurobiology, underlying risk, and behavioral, genetic, and environmental factors of substance abuse disorders.

You interact with faculty mentors from diverse research disciplines, including neurocognitive psychology, neuroimaging (fMRI, PET, DTI), genetics, molecular and cellular neurobiology, and neuropharmacological animal models. By participating in a project that combines a variety of research approaches, you gain a strong multidisciplinary education. You supplement this training by interacting with other clinical and postdoctoral fellows in addiction-related journal clubs, seminars, and workshops.


By the time you complete the Translational Addiction Research Fellowship, you can expect to have gained:

  • Enhanced knowledge of addiction science that improves patient care
  • Exposure to state-of-the art research and clinical skills
  • Up-to-date knowledge of novel and cutting edge research
  • Development towards academic careers in addiction (and related fields) via
    • Assignment of individual faculty mentors
    • Enhanced networking with peers and faculty
    • Exposure to translational, clinical, and epidemiological research
    • Improved writing skills (scientific articles; research grants)
    • Career development opportunities

Research Publications

Our faculty has been widely published in a number of prestigious, peer-reviewed journals.

Fellowship Faculty

Yasmin Hurd, PhD

Uraina Clark, PhD

Alison Goate, PhD

Rita Goldstein, PhD

Xiaosi Gu, PhD

Iliyan Ivanov, MD

Eric Nestler, MD, PhD

Jeffrey Newcorn, MD

Muhammad Parvaz, PhD

Scott Russo, PhD