Research Program

Residents are required to complete at least one research project during their training, from the formation of a research question, development of a study, data analysis and interpretation of results, writing of an abstract, and presentation of their final project to the department. The research program provides residents with the education and support needed to achieve success in their scholarly activity.

Our resident didactics program includes research topics such as:

  • How to Read a Journal Article
  • Research Study Design
  • Working with the Institutional Review Board (IRB)
  • Statistics
  • Epidemiology
  • Monthly Journal Club

Research Milestones


  • Online Research Certifications
  • CITI Training Modules
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Financial Disclosures


  • Identify Research Mentor
  • Explore Research Question
  • Meeting with epidemiologist and statistician to develop research question and study design
  • Submit proposal to Institutional Review Board (IRB)
  • Begin data collection and analyze results


  • Present research progress to faculty panel
  • Complete data collection and analyze results
  • Meet with epidemiologist and statistician to prepare final project
  • Write abstract and present final project at Resident Research Day


  • Present abstract at regional/national conferences
  • Submit manuscript for publication

Our residents present at local, regional and national conferences, and have published several peer-reviewed and non-peer reviewed articles. Following is a sample of some of the work by our current residents and recent alumni:

Resident Research Presentations and Publications

2021 Resident Resarch Day Presentations




Natalie Alvarez, MD

Effect of PrEP Training on GYN Providers

Andres Ramirez-Zamudio, MD

Virginia Flatow, MD

MRI Detected Early Stage Endometriosis Implants

Susan Khalil, MD

Sharonne Holtzman, MD

Disparate Cancer Risk Reduction among High Risk Patients at an Urban Hospital Center

Stephanie Blank, MD

Katelynn Hyman, MD

Increased Evidence of Hypoperfusion in Placentas from COVID-19+ Mothers

Angela Bianco, MD

Margeaux Oliva, MD

Clinical Factors Associated with Thaw Survival in a Cohort of 6167 Vitrified-Warmed, Euploid Blastocysts

Lucky Sekhon, MD

Anne Olsen, MD

Investigating Missed Opportunities for History Indicated Cerclages

Lauren Ferrara, MD

Shailly Prasad, MD

Postpartum Contraception and its Association with Postpartum Depression

Britt Lunde, MD

H. Mitchell Rosenberg, MD

Resolved Low Placentation and Risk of Pregnancy Induced Hypertensive Disorders

Angela Bianco, MD

2020 Resident Research Day Presentations




Kelly Bogaert, MD

mHealth for Postpartum Care; Texting in the Fourth Trimester

Omara Afzal, DO, MPH

Adjoa Bucknor, MD


Mifepristone for Miscarriages: Treatment success within the Mount Sinai Health System

Britt Lunde, MD

Krupa Harishankar MD

Pioneering Antepartum Communities (PAC)

Omara Afzal, DO, MPH

Hayley Jones, MD

Composite Neonatal Outcomes in Late Preterm and Early Term Deliveries, A Comparison of Mothers with Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy With and Without Diabetes

Lauren Ferrara, MD

Ahmad Kerr, MD

Patient Perspective on Race Associated with Provider Preference and Patient Satisfaction in an Ambulatory OB/GYN Office Practice?

Omara Afzal, DO, MPH &
Farida Nentin, MD

Brittany Roser, MD

Do Disparities Exist in Vaginal Progesterone Provision for Shortened Cervix within a Single Academic Center?

Joanne Stone, MD

Rachel Schoenbrun MD

Rate of Post-Hysterectomy Surgical Site Infection with Use of Pre-Operative Povidone Iodine Compared to Chlorhexidine Vaginal Antisepsis

Charles Ascher-Walsh, MD &
Stephanie Blank MD

G. Alex Trivette, MD

Operative Vaginal Delivery Skills for Residents Using Simulation Training

Frederick Friedman, MD &
Ceyda Oner, MD

Resident Research Publications

Margeaux OlivaTaraneh G NazemJoseph A LeeAlan B Copperman Evaluating in vitro fertilization outcomes of patients with low body mass index following frozen-thawed embryo transfer Int J Gynaecol Obstet. 2021 Oct; 155(1):132-137.PMID: 33368250
Kelly B ZafmanEric P BerghNatalie CohenElizabeth OdomNathan S Fox The effect of microbiome exposure at birth on pediatric outcomes using a twin cohort discordant for microbiome exposure at birth J Matern Fetal Neonatal Med. 2021 Oct; 34(20):3355-3361.
PMID: 31739712
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