The Center for Advanced Genomics Technology

Research Initiatives

At the Center for Advanced Genomics Technology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, we are involved in a variety of research initiatives. These include:

  • Nucleating cutting-edge basic science and translational research made possible only by harnessing advanced genomic technology
  • Working with the Mount Sinai community to drive adoption of technology offerings as the research landscape evolves to understand novel genomic features
  • Fostering academic and industry relationships to advocate for the needs of the Mount Sinai community and gain early access to technology advances that stimulate discovery
  • Introducing novel molecular, cellular, and data-driven genomics tools spanning bulk, single-cell, in situ, spatial, and functional approaches and continuing to partner on promoting additional Mount Sinai intellectual property and entrepreneurialism
  • Collaborating with Mount Sinai data science initiatives to generate legacy databases and data utility for application in translational efforts such as clinical trials and diagnostics
  • Maintaining a comprehensive suite of wet and dry genomics services to the broader Mount Sinai community for creating a centralized resource that accelerates systemwide collaborations in genomics science