The Center for Advanced Genomics Technology


The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai established the Center for Advanced Genomics Technology (CAGT). We seek to contribute to and enable highly resolved basic science, translational, and clinical discoveries through generation and application of innovative molecular approaches, instrumentation, and expertise within the Mount Sinai community and beyond.

We are looking for outstanding candidates for faculty collaboration with the CAGT who are interested in both direct platform generation and application of genomics technology to translational science and medicine. We are open to faculty at the assistant, associate, or full professor level as well as staff interested in working with Mount Sinai faculty to maintain a state-of-the-art molecular and data methods repertoire. To complement existing research programs in the Mount Sinai system, we are particularly interested in candidates with expertise in the following areas:

  • Development of novel molecular, cellular, and data-driven genomics tools spanning bulk, single-cell, in situ, spatial, and functional approaches
  • Multi-omics data integration methods toward biomarker discovery
  • Functional genomics and gene editing methods generation
  • Molecular enrichment assays for non-invasive, high-sensitivity detection

We offer access to a cutting-edge toolbox of advanced technologies and expertise for accelerating progress in innovating new methods as well as applying existing genomics technologies to resolve challenging biology and disease. Submit your application material to Robert Sebra (