We are committed to conducting research to advance the treatment of depression, anxiety, and mood disorders, using a variety of innovative techniques, including brain imaging. We often seek participants for our studies. Our main areas of scientific focus are as follows:

  • Discovering brain circuit abnormalities specific to discrete mood and anxiety disorders and brain circuit abnormalities underlying specific dimensions of psychopathology
  • Developing neuroimaging biomarkers of disease and treatment response in mood and anxiety disorders; developing functional magnetic resonance imaging as a measure of target engagement for therapeutic interventions
  • Uncovering genetic and epigenetic contributions to mood and anxiety disorders through candidate gene and imaging-genetic approaches
  • Translating discoveries in basic and behavioral neuroscience into breakthroughs in the diagnosis and treatment of mood and anxiety disorders
  • Identifying rapidly acting, more effective treatments for mood and anxiety disorders through early-phase clinical trials of mechanistically novel agents

We have published papers in a wide range of peer-reviewed journals.

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We have a great variety of research studies that are ongoing.

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Every clinical research study is a little different, but there are some overarching topics to consider when thinking about participation.

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