Institute for Translational Epidemiology

Message from the Chair

Welcome to The Institute for Translational Epidemiology (ITE) at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. As the only epidemiology institute within a medical school in New York City, ITE is critically positioned at the crossroads of all other medical disciplines, thus enjoying the advantage of being the cross-fertilizer of interdisciplinary research.

Our faculty are engaged in highly collaborative translational and interdisciplinary research integrating population studies and genomic and proteomic research, with the ultimate purpose of spearheading changes in clinical practice and improving the treatment of disease and patient quality of life.

Our team conducts research in several areas, including cancer, mental health, palliative care and end-of-life epidemiology, health disparities, and environmental epidemiology. Every project is completed in conjunction and collaboration with experts from the clinical and basic science departments. Research topics range from disease etiology, early detection, and screening to disease treatment and outcomes.

The Icahn School of Medicine is structured to allow maximum interaction between epidemiologists and their clinical counterparts, facilitating inter-team research while at the same time increasing the chances for our faculty to be involved in clinical issues and pressing clinical questions. We have a large number of clinical faculty with training in research methods and clinical research, which is critical to allowing epidemiologists to build methodologically sound, ground-breaking collaborative clinical projects.

We also are engaged in training and educating minority students and faculty, with the ultimate purpose of increasing our research capacity in the area of chronic diseases epidemiology and health disparities.

I am honored to lead the Institute, a unique environment conducive for groundbreaking work. I know that our studies will ultimately contribute to improving clinical practice, disease management, patient outcomes, and quality of life.

Emanuela Taioli, MD, PhD
Chief, Division of Social and Clinical Epidemiology
Director, Institute for Translational Epidemiology
Professor, Department of Health Science and Policy
Director, Center for the Study of Thoracic Diseases