Head and Neck Cancer Research Program

At the Head and Neck Cancer Research Program, our dynamic team of physician-scientists, biologists, and researchers uses a multidisciplinary approach to translational and clinical research. This program, which has been in existence for more than 20 years, was established as one of the first of its kind dedicated to head and neck research. Our goal is to discover new insights into head and neck cancer biology and forge new treatment options, while providing a platform for rapid translation from bench to bedside.

Head and Neck Cancer Research Areas

Our program is widely recognized for its dormant tumor cell studies and HPV-related oropharyngeal cancer research. Specifically, our research areas encompass:

Training for Students and Residents

Our medical residents and students play an integral role, conducting research projects that advance both patient care and scientific innovation. Their passion for medicine is fortified here, as they are mentored by renowned scientists.

Advancing Robotic Surgery and Head and Neck Cancer Treatments

The advances we have made toward the treatment and cure of head and neck cancers are remarkable, reducing the prevalence of metastatic and residual disease among patients nationwide. A catalyst in robotic surgery, our team developed the nation’s first course on TORS that attracted participants worldwide. Additionally, Advaxis, Inc. chose the Icahn School of Medicine to implement its Phase I/II vaccination for HPV-related oropharyngeal cancer clinical trial. The company sought an academic medical center known for its concentrations on both immunology and TORS and selected our Head and Neck Cancer Research Program as its site for this trial.

We welcome collaboration from the Mount Sinai community and other academic and industry partners on research initiatives and grants. For additional information, please view The Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery’s 2015 Outcomes and Performance Report, as well as our Research Focus newsletter that details our dedication and commitment to improving health outcomes in head and neck cancers.

Philanthropic Opportunities

Many exciting developments in basic and translational research in head and neck cancer have been made possible by our grateful patients and donors like yourselves. We deeply appreciate your involvement, and hope that you consider supporting our research initiatives today.

Our investigators have an outstanding track record of obtaining support from the National Institutes of Health, industry, and foundations for cancer research. Even so, philanthropy plays a critical role in providing “seed” funding for innovative new projects and support for program development. To enhance our life-changing research, we ask for your generous support. Every gift helps us reach our goal of improving the standard-of-care for diagnosis and treatment of head and neck cancers.

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