The Institute for Genomic Health

Faculty Laboratories

Core Faculty Labs
image of Eimear Kenny

Eimear Kenny Laboratory

Analyzing human genetic variation to address fundamental questions in biology, medicine, and anthropology

image of Samira Asgari

Samira Asgari Laboratory

Human Genomics of Infection and Immunity

image of Vikas Pejaver

Vikas Pejaver Laboratory

Development, adaptation, and application of machine learning methods to relate genetic variation to molecular function and disease

image of Noura Abul-Husn

Noura Abul-Husn Laboratory

Evaluation of the impact of human genetic variation in large clinical care cohorts and translation of genomic research into clinical care for diverse populations

image of Ayuko Iverson

Ayuko Iverson Laboratory

image of Sabrina Suckiel

Sabrina Suckiel Laboratory

image of Emily Soper

Emily Soper Laboratory

Murray headshot

Michael Murray Laboratory

Affiliate Faculty Labs
image of Amy Kontorovich

Amy Kontorovich Laboratory

Study of genetic traits that modulate risk and evolution of cardiovascular disease

image of Paul O’Reilly

Paul O’Reilly Laboratory

The PRS Lab: Methods Development & Applications of Polygenic Risk Scores