Scientific Computing and Data Science

The Scientific Computing group partners with scientists to accelerate scientific discovery. With our highly tuned high performance computing and data ecosystem, we enable researchers to ask, and answer new scientific questions.

More Science, Less Time

We engage and collaborate with researchers and clinicians to achieve extraordinary biomedical breakthroughs. Genomics, molecular biology, oncology, and psychiatry are just a few of the fields in which scientists have used our expertise and resources to achieve new discoveries at speeds that were unthinkable only a few years earlier. In addition, researchers are devising more complex experiments, higher fidelity simulations, and attaining a higher level of accuracy.

Our mission: To enable and accelerate biomedical discovery through collaborative research using high performance computing and data science.

To help accomplish this mission, Scientific Computing is comprised of three groups:

  • High Performance Computing
  • Mount Sinai Data Warehouse
  • Research Data Services

We Excel at Collaboration

Our team includes scientists in a variety of fields that help researchers and clinicians make more efficient use of our computational and data resources. These domain-specific experts not only speak the language of biomedical research but are experts in computational and data science. They can help you understand how to leverage the power of high performance computing and our data-rich resources—from accessing disparate databases to code optimization.

We partner with researchers on innovative research to pursue new scientific opportunities and actively strive for broader engagement. Access to Minerva is open to researchers in the Mount Sinai Health System.

The Metrics of Discovery

This is how we’ve been empowering discoveries since 2012:

  • We support over $100 million in research per year
  • Over 800 research papers have been published utilizing our resources and expertise
  • Over 12,000 researchers and clinicians have leveraged our computational and data ecosystem
  • We host over 6,000 databases and 400 research websites
  • Through Mount Sinai-led research consortia, we have assisted over 150 institutions in 21 countries