Bonnie and Tom Strauss Movement Disorders Center


The treatment advances and research breakthroughs that will transform the lives of tomorrow’s movement disorder patients depend on the clinicians and scientists we train today. Committed to the highest quality education in the field of movement disorders, the Department of Neurology at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai offers two Movement Disorders Fellowship Tracks: Mount Sinai Beth Israel Fellowship and The Mount Sinai Hospital Fellowship. Through shared conferences and sessions, fellows from both tracks share the tremendous resources and unique expertise across the Mount Sinai system.  This allows teaching from the breadth of our movement disorders faculty, as well as in-depth exposure to the range movement disorders, including rare cases.

  • Mount Sinai Beth Israel Fellowship: With a wide breadth and depth of faculty led by internationally renowned movement disorder specialists and clinical researchers, this fellowship is a multidisciplinary program focused on the diagnosis and treatment of Parkinson’s disease, the atypical Parkinsonian syndromes, dystonia, tremor, Tourette syndrome and tics, myoclonus, chorea, ataxia, tardive syndromes, paroxysmal movement disorders, and functional movement disorders, including treatment with chemodenervation and deep brain stimulation (DBS). This two-year fellowship teaches exceptional patient focused care, with more than 3,000 patients from around the world visiting our clinicians annually. Fellows learn how to apply clinical genetics in practice and are engaged in research that is at the forefront of Parkinson’s and dystonia genetics advances. Fellows also pursue individual research projects. Current fellows are pursuing Empire Clinical Research Program (ECRIP) research. MSBI is the recipient of a Michael J Fox Foundation Edmond J Safra Fellowship in Movement Disorders for the 2021-2023 years.  Prior fellows have received Dystonia Medical Research Foundation Awards, and American Academy of Neurology Clinical Research Training Program Fellowships.
  • The Mount Sinai Hospital Fellowship: This two-year program focuses on training fellows to become academic movement disorder specialists with expertise in diagnosing and managing Parkinson’s disease, the atypical Parkinsonian syndromes, dystonia, tremors, tics and Tourette syndrome, chorea, ataxia, and other rare movement disorders. Our fellows receive in-depth training in deep brain stimulation (DBS) and exposure to the clinical applications of botulinum toxin injections. We collaborate with an internationally recognized team of neuropathologists, functional neurosurgeons, the Center for Vertigo and Balance, the Nash Family Department of Neuroscience, and the Department of Genetics and Genomics. Working directly with clinical attendings, our fellows are clinically immersed, evaluating and managing a wide variety of patients. There is also exposure to a highly active program of clinical trials, including cutting edge symptomatic and potential disease modifying approaches.