Bonnie and Tom Strauss Movement Disorders Center

Our Research

Committed to improving the lives of patients with movement disorders, the Bonnie and Tom Strauss Movement Disorders Center is conducting some of the most exciting research in the field. Our talented investigators bring precision medicine to the study of movement disorders, refining diagnosis and treatment approaches, and pursuing the ultimate goals of preventing disease and achieving a cure. Building on the resources of Mount Sinai’s outstanding centers and groups, the Strauss Center will act as a system-wide, interdisciplinary hub of translational research and clinical treatment for movement disorders within the Health System.

Mount Sinai researchers are leading investigations in the following areas:

  • Basic Science: Researchers are learning key information about movement disorders, including clues that may help explain underlying genetic mechanisms. Such insights could lead to the development of new diagnostic and treatment options. Read more here.
  • Clinical Research: Our studies include treatments for a range of disorders, including dystonia, Parkinson’s disease, and essential tremor. In addition, we are researching the effects of therapies including deep brain stimulation on these conditions.
  • Clinical Trials: We invite our patients to participate in clinical trials, which evaluate the effectiveness of novel therapies and offer access to emerging treatment options.