Examples of Current Research Projects

Objective 1:  Identify ways to stimulate new myelin formation
Objective 2: Develop induced pluripotent stem iPS from patient skin biopsies
Objective 3: Evaluate predictive indices of clinical efficacy using data and material available from ongoing clinical trials
Objective 4: Generate a framework for early phase testing of compounds in clinical trials 

Multiple Sclerosis and Animal Models of Demyelination

Aaron Miller, MD, (Neurology)
Fred Lublin, MD, (Neurology)
Tracy DeAngelis, MD, (Neurology)
Stephen Krieger, MD, (Neurology)

Basic Science            
Patrizia Casaccia, MD, PhD, (Neuroscience; Genetics and Genomics; Neurology)
Gareth John, PhD, (Neurology)
Glaucia Furtado, PhD, (Immunology)
Sergio Lira, MD, PhD, (Immunology)
Thomas Moran, PhD, (Microbiology)
Charles Mobbs, PhD, (Neuroscience)
Ming-Ming Zhou, PhD, (Structural Chemical Biology)
Roberto Sanchez, PhD, (Structural Chemical Biology)
Roman Osman, PhD, (Structural Chemical Biology)
Alex Plotnikov, PhD, (Structural Chemical Biology)

Developmental Disorders with White Matter Damage

George Diaz, MD, PhD, (Genetics and Genomics)
Melissa Wasserstein, MD, (Genetics and Genomics)
Robert Desnick, MD, (Genetics and Genomics)

Basic Science
Patrizia Casaccia, MD, PhD, (Neuroscience; Genetics and Genomics; Neurology)                  
Sunita D’Souza, PhD, (Stem Cell Institute)

Stem Cells

Isabelle Germano, MD, (Neurosurgery and Neurology)
Hongyan Zhou, MD, PhD, (Neurosurgery and Neuroscience)

Basic Science
Luni Emdad, PhD, (Neurosurgery)
Patrizia Casaccia, MD, PhD, (Neuroscience and Genetics)
Sunita D’Souza, PhD, (Stem Cell Institute)
Ihor Lemischka, PhD, (Stem Cell Institute)

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