Clinical Informatics

Clinical Informatics aims to bring the best information to the point of care. Emergency Medicine at Mount Sinai has been a driving informatics forward for over 15 years. Our faculty are on the forefront of informatics research, and efforts to improve patient care both inside the ED and beyond its walls. We also partner with regulatory agencies and industry to improve clinical workflows, and the EHR experience. Our faculty also help lead Mount Sinai’s ACGME-accredited Informatics fellowship, and include board-certified Clinical Informaticists and hold leadership positions in ACEP and EMRA.

There are many opportunities to get involved with projects, including NIH-funded research that leverages mobile apps and EHR clinical decision support. Our system-wide EHR implementations and optimizations mean there is always an opportunity to study interventions to improve quality and efficiency. Our faculty are also leading efforts to deliver virtual care (telemedicine) and remote patient monitoring, post-discharge. 

Recent Projects and Publications from Informatics Faculty and Residents

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