Emergency Ultrasound Division

The Emergency Ultrasound Division promotes the use of bedside ultrasound in the evaluation and management of patients in the Emergency Department. Using portable technology and goal-directed exams, we can assess basic cardiac function, abdominal pain, and thoracic disorders at the bedside. Ultrasound is also widely employed to assist in bedside procedures such as central and peripheral venous access, paracentesis, abscess aspiration, and others.

The Division's educational website, records more than 70,000 annual page views from over 100 countries. The educational videos and ultrasound tutorials on our YouTube channel have over 400,000 views. The Division, in collaboration with Cardiology, runs a longitudinal ultrasound curriculum for medical students. During the Gross Anatomy course, students are exposed to the dynamic anatomy of the moving heart to augment their dissections. Surface anatomy dovetails with ultrasound assessments of vessels and joints, revealing the anatomy beneath the skin surface. The physical examination course (PREP) contains basic ultrasound assessments focused on anatomy (year 1) and common pathological states (year 2). All fourth-year students are trained in basic cardiovascular assessment using ultrasound as part of the Introduction to Internship course.

The Division also runs an emergency ultrasound elective for third and fourth-year students, and organizes an ultrasound orientation for all students rotating through the Emergency Medicine elective. A two-week ultrasound rotation is mandatory for all first-year Emergency Medicine residents, and introductory courses in ultrasound have been offered to residents from emergency medicine, internal medicine, obstetrics, and family medicine.

Our Division is a leader in point of care ultrasound through the hospital, and we have trained physicians, nurses, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners in the use of ultrasound for diagnosis and procedure guidance. We have created educational modules and trained members of Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology, Pediatrics, the hospital sepsis team, and others. We have worked with our Simulation Division to create and apply a risk reduction program for ultrasound-guided central venous access.

A CME course in Emergency Ultrasound has been offered at Mount Sinai annually since 2005 and we offer a regional Ultrasound Symposium each spring. In addition, each year our faculty lecture at dozens of courses throughout the world, including all major emergency medicine societies. Our faculty have served on the Board of Directors of national and international ultrasound organizations and have taught all over the world.

Site Directors: 
Bret P. Nelson, MD: Mount Sinai Hospital
Elizabeth Yetter, MD: Mount Sinai Morningside and Mount Sinai West
Jacob Goertz, MD: Mount Sinai Beth Israel
Amanda Bates, MD: Mount Sinai Queens
Elizabeth Rubano, MD: Mount Sinai Brooklyn

Ultrasound Supervisor:
Megan Lukas, RDMS