Department of Environmental Medicine and Climate Science

The Department of Environmental Medicine and Climate Science is a leader in environmental and community health, epidemiology, environmental pediatrics, and preventive and occupational medicine.

Our department is deeply committed to the prevention of diseases with environmental origins, and we are shaping the future of environmental health research, clinical practice, and training the next generation of leaders in this field. 

Today, we are leading in the emerging field of exposomics, and our pioneering research programs are investigating a broad range of early environmental exposures and their impacts on health and development throughout life.

Our interdisciplinary approach builds on a legacy of excellence of more than 50 years. We continue to bring together world-class researchers, clinicians, and trainees that are making discoveries in the lab that will translate to new interventions and treatments in patient care.

Robert O. Wright, MD, MPH, welcomes visitors to our department and highlights our deep commitment to environmental medicine and climate science.

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Our standout, interdisciplinary team of physicians and scientists is dedicated to making major advances in understanding, preventing, diagnosing, and treating environmental, occupational, and other preventable diseases and conditions.

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Our Department offers a variety of rich educational experiences for medical and graduate students and for trainees, through both domestic and international programs.

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Our Department houses seven divisions: Biostatistics, Environmental Epidemiology, Environmental Health, General Preventive Medicine, International Health, Occupational Medicine, as well as Social Work and Behavioral Sciences. Each with its own specific focus and methodology, our divisions advance the field of environmental medicine and climate science for our local and global communities.

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Our faculty includes a multidisciplinary team of physicians, scientists, and investigative educators who are passionate about advancing environmental medicine and climate science.

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We are committed to implementing policies and practices in our workplace, research, clinical services, community collaborations, and policy initiatives that address racism and advance environmental justice. 

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The Department of Environmental Medicine and Climate Science has made major strides in our field, earning an international reputation for excellence and global health leadership.

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