Department of Environmental Medicine and Public Health

We are deeply committed to the highest standards of excellence in community health, epidemiology, environmental pediatrics, and preventive and occupational medicine.

Our mission is to promote good health, to prevent disease, and to protect the environment in the many communities that the Mount Sinai Health System serves.

For half a century our advances in the clinical, research, and educational arenas of environmental medicine and public health have helped us improve countless lives, both locally and on the world stage. As the epidemics of environmental disease evolve, so do our challenges, and we stand ready to take them on, unfalteringly.  

Every day, we are cultivating the next generation of leaders in environmental medicine and public health. We provide interdisciplinary training in epidemiology, occupational medicine, environmental pediatrics, and general preventive medicine to medical students, Master of Public Health students, residents, and fellows. As a student immersed in our innovative curriculum and individualized faculty mentorship, you are trained to treat workers exposed to occupational hazards and children who have come in contact with environmental toxins, and trained to guide the development of sustainable and healthy communities.

Robert O. Wright, MD, MPH, welcomes visitors to our department and highlights our deep commitment to environmental medicine and public health.

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Our standout, interdisciplinary team of physicians and scientists is dedicated to making major advances in understanding, preventing, diagnosing, and treating environmental, occupational, and other preventable diseases and conditions.

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Our Department offers a variety of rich educational experiences for medical and graduate students and for trainees, through both domestic and international programs.

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Our Department houses four divisions: Biostatistics, Environmental Health, General Preventive Medicine, and Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Each with its own specific focus and methodology, our divisions advance the field of preventive medicine for our local and global communities.

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Our faculty includes a multidisciplinary team of physicians, scientists, and investigative educators who are passionate about advancing environmental medicine and public health.

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The Department of Environmental Medicine and Public Health has made major strides in our field, earning an international reputation for excellence and global health leadership.

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