Search Committees

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Searches for Chairs/Directors/Chiefs

A Search Committee to recruit a Chair and Professor of a Department and/or Head or Chief of an interdisciplinary activity designated as a Center or Institute shall be appointed by the Dean. In general, the number of members appointed to the Committee shall be flexible to permit appropriate representation of the Faculty and Trustees. No individual shall be appointed to serve as a member of the Committee who holds a faculty title in the Department for which the search is being conducted.

The Trustee members shall be appointed by the Dean upon the advice of the Chair of the Board of Trustees. The Dean will designate the Chair of the Committee, and also may designate a co-Chair and/or vice-Chair. The Dean shall serve ex-officio, as well as the Director of The Mount Sinai Hospital when the Chair and Professor is to be appointed Director of a clinical service.

In the case of recruiting an individual to serve as Chief of a service at an affiliated institution, at the rank of Professor, the above procedures shall be followed except:

  1. The Dean shall appoint the Chair of the Department to serve as Chair of the Search Committee;
  2. Half of the members of the Committee shall be from the affiliated institution. These members shall be appointed by the Dean in concert with the Director of the affiliated institution. The Director of the affiliated institution shall serve ex officio;
  3. The Trustee members of the Search Committee shall be appointed by the Dean upon the advice of the Chair of the Board of Trustees of the affiliated institution;
  4. The recommendation of the Search Committee shall be forwarded to the Committee on Appointments and Promotions which shall advise the Dean regarding the academic rank. The recommendation of the Search Committee and the advice of the Committee on Appointments and Promotions shall be presented to the Executive Faculty for endorsement.

Searches For Faculty Other than Chairs/Directors/Chiefs

In order to identify and recruit candidates of the highest caliber in the Academic Track at the rank of Assistant Professor and above, formal, national searches are strongly recommended if significant school resources such as laboratory space and seed funds are involved. Department Chairs and Institute Directors should justify to the Dean the need for a particular recruitment, and should obtain the Dean's approval to commit appropriate resources prior to initiation of the search.

Once approved, the Chair/Director will appoint a Search Committee. The Committee will be comprised of a committee chair and a minimum of three faculty members, including at least one from outside the department/center or institution but with expertise in the area of the search. Faculty of all ranks should be considered for committee membership, with at least one member at the same or higher rank than the position to be filled. If a recruit will be jointly sought by multiple departments/centers, the search should be jointly coordinated and reviewed by the relevant departments/centers. The Committee will receive a specific charge from the department chair/institute director regarding the area of the search, faculty rank etc.

In an effort to generate the highest quality pool of applicants, the Committee will advertise in premiere scientific and/or clinical journals as well as appropriate websites, and will actively solicit from leading laboratories and institutions in the field of the search. Internal candidates, if any, will be included in the applicant pool and all candidates will be evaluated using the same criteria. The Committee will recommend up to three qualified candidates for the chair/director to pursue. In the event that the search fails to identify candidates of sufficiently high quality, the Committee will report this to the Chair/Director and the search will be re-evaluated. Once the selected candidate has accepted an offer to join the Icahn School of Medicine faculty, the Department Chair/Institute Director will submit the candidate's appointment application to the Committee on Appointments and Promotions for review and approval.