Endowed Chair Guidelines

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Endowed chairs are among the highest honors conferred in academic medicine. In addition to recognizing the outstanding record of accomplishment of individual faculty, endowed chairs represent an investment in their continued success.

Recipients of endowed chairs are selected by the Dean, with consideration given to: the faculty member’s expertise and achievements, including actual or anticipated contributions to Icahn School of Medicine and the larger community; strategic needs of the institution; and specific conditions set forth by donors. New chair holders are installed each year at the School of Medicine's Convocation.

It is expected that chair holders will remain highly productive and will continue to further the School’s mission through meaningful educational, research, clinical care and service contributions. Chair holders are further expected to maintain at all times a high degree of professionalism and collegiality.

Performance Evaluation

Evaluation of the performance of all faculty, including those holding endowed chairs, is an integral component of the School’s operational processes. The Dean, in conjunction with Department Chairs and Institute Directors, utilizes evaluations to ensure that resources are optimally allocated in support of the School’s mission.

If objective review reveals that a faculty member’s performance falls short of departmental and institutional expectations, the individual will be given an opportunity to improve his or her performance. In cases of continued underperformance, the Dean may convene a committee of endowed chairs and other senior faculty as appropriate to make a recommendation regarding continued appointment of the individual to his/her endowed chair. Based on this information, the Dean, in consultation with the relevant Chair and/or Director, may determine that an individual should no longer occupy the endowed chair.

Under unusual circumstances, a faculty member may, during the term of appointment to an endowed chair, no longer be considered a faculty member in good standing at Icahn School of Medicine. In such cases, the Dean will have the discretion to remove the individual from the endowed chair.


Updated August 2017