Faculty Mentoring Program

Mentoring is an essential component of faculty career development at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. The School is committed to promoting mentorship by supporting departments and institutes in establishing ongoing mentoring programs that will address the totality of each faculty member’s strengths, interests and aspirations in research, clinical care, education and leadership.

Assistant professors are strongly encouraged to participate in departmental and institutional mentoring programs, which foster productivity, enhance faculty satisfaction and stimulate career development. Each department has mentoring leaders to help junior faculty identify mentors, conduct personal and professional needs assessments, and define career goals.  Associate professors and professors are expected to serve as mentors, and may be called upon to mentor junior faculty both within and outside their primary department.

Recognizing that many faculty closely identify with one or more interdisciplinary institutes within the School, as appropriate an institute rather than a department may take primary responsibility for mentoring a junior faculty member. In such cases, there must be a clear understanding between the institute and the primary academic department of which entity is taking the lead.

Beyond the academic departments and multidisciplinary institutes, numerous institutional resources are available to support junior faculty, including:


Updated August 2017