Research Facilities

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Allocation of all School space is the prerogative of the Dean and may change from time to time to reflect the educational, scientific, clinical and programmatic goals of the School of Medicine. Assignment of faculty offices and laboratories within each Department and Center is at the discretion of the Department Chairperson or Institute Director.

Clinical Research Center

Clinical Research Center (CRC) at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai is the hub for conducting clinical and translational research at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.  All funded School faculty are eligible to use the CRC facilities, nursing support, specimen processing, and other resources.  As of June 2017, the CRC supports over 100 protocols involving a wide variety of specialties and subspecialties, with research participants of all ages. 

The recently relocated CRC facility on the ground floor of the Annenberg Building includes a reception area and exam rooms for brief visits and minor procedures.  In the nearby courtyard, rooms are available for day-long procedures and interventions requiring infusions and monitoring.  There is also a laboratory for specimen processing. The CRC is staffed by nurse practitioners who can perform physical examinations, monitor participants, and perform infusions, and medical assistants who perform phlebotomy, electrocardiograms and process samples.  

Center for Comparative Medicine and Surgery

The Center for Comparative Medicine and Surgery (CCMS) is a centralized, shared resource supporting animal research via veterinary, husbandry care, environmental enrichment and research collaboration with the Mount Sinai faculty. CCMS provides assistance with research protocol design and refinement, clinical and anatomic diagnostic pathology, and training of in-house husbandry and research personnel. Since 1967, the CCMS animal care and use program has maintained full accreditation by AAALACi (formerly Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International), underscoring its commitment to excellence in animal care and welfare. 

CCMS faculty are all full time veterinarians.  The husbandry operation is overseen by managers certified through the American Association of Laboratory Animal Sciences. A full team of husbandry technicians and veterinary technicians contribute to fulfilling the mission of the Center.  Ongoing in-house training and a post-approval compliance program are conducted by a training/compliance coordinator.  

Updated September 2017

Centralized Research Support Facilities

Centers of Research Excellence, or CoRES, are centralized research support facilities that bring state-of-the-art, crucial instrumentation and technologies for modern biomedical research.  The CoRES are open for use to all Mount Sinai investigators, postgraduate trainees,  graduate students, and other researchers. Administered through the Office of the Dean, CoRES are directed and staffed by experts who also provide consultation, instruction and training. The CoRES are regularly evaluated for their use and effectiveness, so that they can be restructured or eliminated over time; similarly, new CoRES may be established when the need is identified, thereby constituting a major educational resource for those wishing to diversify or explore new avenues of research. SRF are open to all faculty, with equal access regardless of departmental or center affiliation; priority is given to MSSM faculty over external users. Services from SRF require authorization from a Principal Investigator. All utilization of SRF are subject to charge. SRF are not responsible for the application of their products or outcome of research studies involving their products

In addition to the CoREs, some institutes and departments in the School also offer specialized services on a limited basis to investigators with shared programmatic interests and requirements.

Updated August 2017