Local-Global Community Involvement

Science in Service of Society 

At the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (ISMMS), we are passionately committed to science in service of society, both locally and abroad. Our students embrace this value, immersing themselves in communities near and far, in developing nations and underserved U.S. communities, by founding and participating in a wide variety of activities, from biomedical research to human rights and social justice.  

Local Involvement 

Community Service Coalition is the umbrella organization for the many outreach groups founded by our students. CSC facilitates collaboration between these groups and locally supportive organizations. Student engagement is exceptionally strong at ISMMS, through free clinical services, advocacy, and educational and public health programs. Discover Medical Student Engagement activities and Graduate Student Engagement activities.

Center for Multicultural and Community Affairs offers a nurturing environment for students, trainees, and faculty from groups who are underrepresented in medicine and biomedical research at the School, support that they in turn fortify within the community. Center for Excellence in Youth Education, for instance, provides underrepresented students from our local community with challenging and rewarding learning experiences. 

Global Impact 

At ISMMS our mission of science in service of society extends beyond the walls of our institution and community. Improving societal health and access to medical care is a global issue. We educate our medical students, residents, fellows, and faculty about critical health issues within a global context. Many of our trainees opt to participate in medical missions throughout the world, providing them with hands-on clinical and research experiences, as well as valuable exposure to diverse cultural perspectives. 

As an ISMMS student, opportunities abound for you to get involved in global health. The Ramon Murphy, MD Program for Global Health Education offers extensive educational programming for those who wish to make a difference near and far, as so many of our students do every day.