Resident Life

Choosing a residency program can be challenging and involves considering a variety of factors. Each resident has their own story and goals. Our current residents share why they chose Mount Sinai Beth Israel (MSBI).

“I chose MSBI because I was looking for a strong psychiatry program in New York City that was large enough for me to explore every avenue in psychiatry, but also still develop a strong bond with my fellow residents. In addition, I wanted a program that was going to challenge me, but also allow me to have time to pursue my interests outside of the hospital. I felt very at home during my interview and have felt the same way ever since!”

 - Alexa Rivera, Current PGY-2 Resident

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Life for Current Residents

Our current residents provide a sneak peek into what life is like as a resident in this program. They discuss daily life, from their commutes to responsibilities, and what you can expect from the program.  

“I’m currently working in the CPEP, or Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program. It’s a fast-paced environment where we have a steady stream of diverse patients. While it may sound intimidating to manage everything from decompensated chronic schizophrenic patients to college students in acute crisis, the close guidance from our attendings and seasoned nurses guarantees you’ll never feel overwhelmed. In the CPEP, you have the opportunity to master a wide range of diagnostic skills and short-term interventions. Above all, you’ll learn the importance of triage and the roles of various providers across the psychiatric care spectrum.”

- Amit Patel, MD, Current PGY-3 Resident

Salary is set for trainees across the Mount Sinai Health System and matches training salaries around the New York City area.  Salaries are adjusted by the Mount Sinai Health System intermittently. As a resident, you will have access to funds to cover the cost of attending medical conferences and study preparation material. 

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Former Residents

Your residency affects your journey to becoming a practicing psychiatrist. What happens after your residency is also important—and should be a key part of selecting a residency program. One way to see how much you will gain from a residency is to see what the program graduates have achieved. Our former residents have gone on to excel in their careers. Learn about our past residents and the great things they did after finishing their residencies at MSBI.

Resident Benefits 

When you become a resident in the MSBI Psychiatry program, you join the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, which offers a wide array of opportunities. Learn more about the benefits, educational and research opportunities, activities, career resources, and housing that will be available to you when you become a part of the Icahn School of Medicine family.

Resident Life